“Numb” Missionaries

NEED FOR TRACTION (#4) In my last On Expedition update I told of participating in the Traction retreat, along with friends Hud McWilliams and Jamie Macpherson, and retreat leader Daniel Hahn. Traction is designed to encourage “at risk missionaries”—those living and ministering in difficult places. This was the fourth Traction retreat, bringing 50+ missionaries and 20 … More “Numb” Missionaries

“I thought God couldn’t use me!” — Evelyn

ALIGNING WITH GOD’S HEART Evelyn’s statement above is typical of many who have been wounded by others in life. Even though she had become a Christian and was involved in leadership and ministry, Evelyn continued to feel unloved at a deep level. She felt she was unworthy and poor. That was before she took our … More “I thought God couldn’t use me!” — Evelyn