Throw off everything

THROW OFF WOUNDS, LIES, AND MASKS (PHASE 2) I was just in a meeting with pastors from Kenya, Brazil, Romania, and the U.S. in North Carolina to share about our Divine Expedition training, and described how our first phase (Phase 1) is a map of Life Transformation and Missional Impact from the Book of Romans. I … More Throw off everything

What does “On Expedition” Mean?

On Expedition… A Divine Expedition with Jesus Our ministry updates have the heading “On Expedition.” Ever wonder what we mean? What we mean is that we are on a Divine Expedition. We are “on expedition with Jesus.” We are called to follow, serve, and proclaim Jesus. Doing so is the greatest expedition of all time. All of us are prompted … More What does “On Expedition” Mean?

Then and Now

UNHAPPY Sometimes it is good to reflect on the past to be reminded of God’s great grace. Sharon and I just celebrated our 55th wedding anniversary…wow, that went by fast. We didn’t start out very well, however, as I was not yet a Christian. Here is a letter that Sharon wrote her mother that first … More Then and Now

“Numb” Missionaries

NEED FOR TRACTION (#4) In my last On Expedition update I told of participating in the Traction retreat, along with friends Hud McWilliams and Jamie Macpherson, and retreat leader Daniel Hahn. Traction is designed to encourage “at risk missionaries”—those living and ministering in difficult places. This was the fourth Traction retreat, bringing 50+ missionaries and 20 … More “Numb” Missionaries