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“Numb” Missionaries


In my last On Expedition update I told of participating in the Traction retreat, along with friends Hud McWilliams and Jamie Macpherson, and retreat leader Daniel Hahn. Traction is designed to encourage “at risk missionaries”—those living and ministering in difficult places. This was the fourth Traction retreat, bringing 50+ missionaries and 20 staff of organizers, counselors, worship leaders, and a medical doctor together to help the missionaries present gain renewed traction. Continue reading ““Numb” Missionaries”

Adventures (of the Heart), Traction, and Books


I just returned from the Rocky Mountains above Colorado Springs after an Adventures of the Heart (AOH) retreat with 50 other men. Led by long time friend Reese Bricken and our son, Linus Jr. It was a five-day quest to bore deeper into the heart of God for us, and to invite Jesus more deeply into our own hearts. Continue reading “Adventures (of the Heart), Traction, and Books”

Pure Joy… Except for the Battery


Sharon and I just returned from a road trip to visit family members, friends, and ministry partners. I also spoke at churches in Spokane Washington, Portland, Oregon, and Friday Harbor, Washington. We traveled earlier to Dallas, then Park Cities and Salt Lake Cities to see dear friends in those cities too.

Our prayer along the way was that we would leave the sweet aroma of Jesus wherever we went. I trust we did so…but we also experienced the sweetness of Jesus in the lives of those we were with. Every stop was pure joy…except for the dead battery as we started to leave Bend, Oregon. It took us a couple hours to get road side assistance, then a new battery. Continue reading “Pure Joy… Except for the Battery”

Abused… But Re-Aligned (with God’s Heart)

Smiling (and Training) our Way through Brazil

All smiles in Matao…the first stop of our three city May Divine Expedition training:

Divine Expedition Team smiling
Divine Expedition Team smiling

Continue reading “Smiling (and Training) our Way through Brazil”

The Wrong Side and Right Side of 30


While on my most recent trip to train leaders in Brazil, I read a news article about the arrest of a man who had been on the run since 2013 over a charge he sexually assaulted a girl with special needs in Puerto Rico. The 30-year old man was captured after a manhunt and a shootout with police.

Reading this, I thought, “What a waste of a life!” and wondered about a 30 year trajectory that led where it did. Continue reading “The Wrong Side and Right Side of 30”

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