SURPRISE! Our six children surprised Sharon and me with an afternoon birthday celebration and early dinner party almost two weeks ago. They only told us about it after they sent out invitations (if you didn’t get one it might have gone to your junk mail as it was sent from “Morris Kids”). Thirty of the … More Magical!

GI JANE…God Inspired

GI JANE AND THE DIVINE EXPEDITION “GI” originally stood for “Galvanized Iron”, the primary material used to make military items like buckets. Over time the initials took on multiple meanings, including “Government Issue”, “General Issue”, and even “Ground Infantry”. For us and our Divine Expedition training, we are applying it to Jane Hawkins. GI Jane … More GI JANE…God Inspired

Yippee…Short for “Praise God”

YIPPEE…PRAISING GOD FOR… …OUR NEW DIVINE EXPEDITION TEAM MEMBER JANE HAWKINS Following is an announcement we just sent to our national and international Divine Expedition trainers. As Covid restrictions lift, we anticipate training in additional countries, and are happy to add Jane Hawkins our international team to help us with communication and connecting. New Divine Expedition … More Yippee…Short for “Praise God”

Sharon Got a Tattoo

WELL NOT REALLY, BUT IF SHE DID IT WOULD LOOK LIKE THIS…. We were sitting in the living room together and I couldn’t resist capturing a photo of a shadow the window frame cast across her face. It made me think of her Norwegian (1/4th) Viking roots, but more so of her deep faith in … More Sharon Got a Tattoo