How Exciting is This? … in Photos

LAUNCHING DIVINE EXPEDITION TRAINING IN NEW COUNTRIES We have began our Global Training Network Divine Expedition trainings in Sierra Leone, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Armenia, all new countries. Also pictured below: the national leaders we have trained are multiplying the Divine Expedition training in their own countries. Here is the story in pictures: SIERRA LEONE CUBA … More How Exciting is This? … in Photos

What a Wedding!

SHE SAID YES! I just attended the wedding of now Dr. Sharo and Robin Raissi. Actually, 150 people attended the wedding, including Sharon’s (not Sharo’s) and my daughter Laina and son-in-law Phil, plus a number of the NO BS BS group I lead when not traveling and training. Sharo’s best man was Stan Gerlach who is part … More What a Wedding!

“I Want the Divine Expedition”

GLOBAL TRAINING NETWORK’S LEADERSHIP SUMMIT This past month Phil Graf and I drove to Phoenix for the Global Training Network Senior Executive Leadership team (GTN’s SELT) of which we are a part. These meetings were followed by the overall GTN leadership gathering, including new staff. In 19 years GTN has grown to 170 staff members…training in 83 … More “I Want the Divine Expedition”

Why Can’t I Peek In?

IT’S BEEN A YEAR February 2nd, a year ago, Sharon slipped into heaven. She’s greatly missed this past year by our family, friends, and me. I’m not sure what grief is, as whenever I think about Sharon I am filled with joy, gratitude, and thankfulness…that she married me…that she stayed with me…that she prayed for me…that … More Why Can’t I Peek In?

Doubling in One Year

FROM 5 TO 10 IN 2022 We began the Divine Expedition training with Global Training Network (GTN) in 2012, rolling it out first in Uganda (2012), followed by Brazil (2013), Nepal (2018), Ethiopia (2018), and El Salvador (2019). Each of these countries involved multiple trips as part of our strategy to equip and raise up … More Doubling in One Year

God’s Grace and Favor: Guatamala and Brazil

GOD’S GRACE AND FAVOR— PREACHING IN A GUATAMALA PRISON I just returned from Guatamala and Brazil in time for Thanksgiving…and am full of thanksgiving for God’s favor on our trip. It was a fruitful time of training, encouraging leaders, and sharing the Gospel in four cities. Following are some photos of highlights of the trip: … More God’s Grace and Favor: Guatamala and Brazil