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Pure Joy… Except for the Battery


Sharon and I just returned from a road trip to visit family members, friends, and ministry partners. I also spoke at churches in Spokane Washington, Portland, Oregon, and Friday Harbor, Washington. We traveled earlier to Dallas, then Park Cities and Salt Lake Cities to see dear friends in those cities too.

Our prayer along the way was that we would leave the sweet aroma of Jesus wherever we went. I trust we did so…but we also experienced the sweetness of Jesus in the lives of those we were with. Every stop was pure joy…except for the dead battery as we started to leave Bend, Oregon. It took us a couple hours to get road side assistance, then a new battery.


Below are a few photos of friends with captions. They point to some of our seasons of service of Christ and His kingdom:

Dale P. friends from all the way back to Jr. High days.
Dale P. — brother in Christ and friend from all the way back to Jr. High and high school days.
My high school friend John. Great conversation about kindling the spark of faith lying dormant. Please pray.
My high school friend John M. Great conversation about kindling the spark of faith lying dormant in his life. Please pray.
Paula and John
Drs. Paula and John R.  (She’s really not blind and they aren’t a shady couple); John was in a Bible study I led when he was finishing high school and Sharon and I were working with UCLA students;  I performed their wedding.


Kent and Mryna...part of our UCLA and Jesus Christ Light and Power House ministry.
Kent and Myrna M….part of our UCLA ministry and Jesus Christ Light and Power House training center.















Lynn Wickman...better looking than her husband Mark who helped us plant the church in Ferney, France.
Lynn W…better looking than her husband Mark who helped us plant the church in Ferney, France.
My fellow Doctor of Ministry compatriot, Jon and wife Laila
My fellow Doctor of Ministry compatriot and teacher at Bakke Graduate University, Jon S., and his wife Laila


Rich (part of the Traction staff...retreat for "at risk" missionaries I am also part of the staff of) and wife Denise.
Rich M. (part of the Traction retreat for “at risk” missionaries staff that I am also a part of) and wife Denise.
Selfie with Global Training Network fellow workers Hud and Nancy...wait, that's not Nancy.
Selfie with Global Training Network fellow workers Hud and Nancy M…wait, that’s not Nancy.















These are just some of the friends we connected with. Space does not allow or I forgot to take photos of Jim and Kim W., Mark and Nancy A., Bob and Mary B., Kevin and Kelly S., Cheryl R. and family, Steve H., Aubrey M., Ken, Holly, Ben, and Laura K., Kristen R., Jack and Kay R., Jack and Margie G., Jeff and Denise M., Vince L., GTNer Mark PH., Russ C., Jim and Vivian M., Maynard and Linda M., Bill and Gerry S., Linda K., Rob F., Marshall and Kathleen S., Dan L., Dave T., Don A., Lindsay C., Nancy A., GTNers Carl and Carolyn P., Bill and Carol G., Jim and Lanita S., Larry W., GTNer Joel M., Gary and Chris C., H.D. and Patty W., George D., John and Elizabeth C., and Donnie V.

Did I leave anyone out? Oh, yeah the roadside assistance guy and the Goodyear tire man who replaced our battery. Our only regret (apart from the dead battery) was that we didn’t get to see everyone we would have liked to.


Included in our travel was the chance to be with some of our family. We

Sharon, Dani, Kristin, and two Linuses
Sharon, Dani, Kristin, and two Linuses

connected with our son Linus Jr, daughter-in-law Dani, and grandson Linus III, as well as daughter Kristin, son-in-law Cory, and grandchildren Mason and Monika up north.

Grandson's Mason and Linus III...22 and 2.
Grandson’s Mason and Linus III…22 and 2.

We returned in time for a special birthday celebration for our daughter Stephanie where 66% of our children and almost 50% of our grandchildren gathered (see below). As I write this, we are about to attend our granddaughter Chelsea’s wedding to Alex, and then our grandson Colin’s wedding to Kaysha two weeks later.




Family Gathering

We are rich in family and friends…including you.

With joy because of His great grace,

Linus and Sharon

Abused… But Re-Aligned (with God’s Heart)

Smiling (and Training) our Way through Brazil

All smiles in Matao…the first stop of our three city May Divine Expedition training:

Divine Expedition Team smiling
Divine Expedition Team smiling

Divine Expedition team members: son-in-law Phil and granddaughter Sydney…makes me smile:

Phil and Sydney Graf
Phil and Sydney Graf

“Romans as a Life and Missional Map” workshop smiles:

Well, most of them were smiling :-).
Well, most of them were smiling🙂.

Three people came to Christ with Sammy and me during our outreach exercise (more through other teams we sent out, and teammate Stan’s preaching Sunday night):

Welcome to new life with Jesus Bruno, wife, and friend.
Welcome to new life with Jesus…Bruno, wife, and friend with Sammy.

In addition to the training, we had fun getting to know those in our training:

Hard not to smile when you're going to eat pizza...especially with friends like these.
Hard not to smile when you’re going to eat pizza…especially with friends like these.

Here is the group shot of those who participated in the training…I hope this makes you smile too:

Matao Divine Expedition Participants
Matao Divine Expedition Participants

Heading out of town escorted by police (who also participated in our training):

Some police don't smile...but gave us a thumbs up.
Some police don’t smile…but gave us a thumbs up.

Here is just one of over 100 responses we got to our Matao training (from Mara Sousa):

Obrigada pastor por tudo, vcs foram uma benção de Deus em minha vida, já estou tendo resposta em minha vida, Deus continue abençoando muito vcs.
Thank you pastor for everything, you guys were a blessing from God in my life, I’m already having response in my life, God continue to bless you guys much too.
Thank you for smiling upon us by your partnership, making so many smiles possible. I think God is smiling too.
Because of His great grace,
Linus and Sharon
P.S. More on our Brazil trainings in our next On Expedition (with Jesus) update.

The Wrong Side and Right Side of 30


While on my most recent trip to train leaders in Brazil, I read a news article about the arrest of a man who had been on the run since 2013 over a charge he sexually assaulted a girl with special needs in Puerto Rico. The 30-year old man was captured after a manhunt and a shootout with police.

Reading this, I thought, “What a waste of a life!” and wondered about a 30 year trajectory that led where it did.


In contrast, it has been our privilege to train a group of 30-year olds in Brazil. In addition to our international training team of Samir Diab, Jane Hawkins, Tom Shedd, Gayll Phifer-Houseman, and me, the following 30-year olds (or younger) were Co-Trainers or Lead-Trainers with us in four cities in Brazil: Vladi (30), Camela (28), Tony (30), Mariana (27), Vivi (36), Jaisson (34), Litos (30), Karina (26). Each is growing spiritually and having a positive influence on others for Christ. Each has chosen a positive trajectory for their lives.

Vivi and Jaisson
Vivi and Jaisson
Lito and Karina
Lito and Karina
Mariana and Tony
Camilla, Sammy, and Vladi


Mariana and Tony
Mariana and Tony














On this most recent trip we passed the 30 On Expedition trainings. Each training consists of 7-11 90 minute sessions, the aim of which is to equip leaders to multiply viral, missional, disciple-making, leadership-developing, church planting movements. We have trained hundreds of leaders now in Uganda and Brazil, plus preached numerous times, seen people come to Christ, and had countless conversations to lift up Christ and spread the Gospel. Below is a photo from our most recent Phase 2 training in Montenegro, Brazil.

Brazil, Montenegra April 2016

On our just completed Brazil trip, we participated in two ordination services and graduated a group of Brazilians who have completed all four of our Phases of training (photo below), and are becoming trainers themselves.

Bom Retiro do Sul Phases 1, 2, 3, 4 Completion
Bom Retiro do Sul Phases 1, 2, 3, 4 Completion

We also got to tour a shoe factory started by one of the men who became a Christian through Hope Chapel Brazil, the main church we connect with and work through, led by Sammy and Marcia Diab. Sammy now heads up the Divine Expedition Training in Brazil.

At the shoe factory, I was asked to speak with Sammy interpreting and shared the Gospel with the 30 workers there. The factory owner, Douglas, also shared and reported that the next day two of his workers said they received Christ. Can you hear the angels in heaven rejoicing?

Shoe Factory
Shoe Factory

We head back to Brazil from May 10-28 to train in three more cities. Please pray for much fruit as we train others to train others to train others.

Because of His great grace and your ministry partnership,

Linus and Sharon

P.S. I am including a selfie just for the fun of it (we do have a lot of fun):

Caught in between Sammy and Vladi
Caught between Sammy and Vladi


This is not how it is supposed to end!

Follow wooden boardwalk path through prairie - landscape photo

I am writing on a Monday morning after returning home from Portland, Oregon where Linus Jr and I spoke at the memorial service of a dear family member. We got news a week ago Monday of this 38-year old family member’s death, flew to Portland Thursday, spoke Saturday, and returned home just after midnight. Today I am a bit tired and sad.

The previous Saturday I was asked by long time friends to speak at their mother’s grave site in nearby Newhall, California. Dottie Hetrick was one month short of her 106th birthday, and had been married 65 years to her pastor-husband. She was mentally sharp to the end of her life, and died peacefully with her three children and several grandchildren by her side. She lived a faithful and fruitful life, and knew that her relationship with Jesus secured eternity for her, believing in Jesus’ promise: Continue reading “This is not how it is supposed to end!”

4 Generations of Leaders…Our Mandate


“And the things you (Timothy—Leadership Generation #2) have heard me (Paul—Leadership Generation #1) say in the presence of many witnesses (potential Generation #2s) entrust to reliable men (Others—Leadership Generation #3) who will also be qualified to teach others ( Yet Others—Leadership Generation #4).”

Paul’s mandate to Timothy was for the development and multiplication of four generations of leadership. Global Training Network (GTN) believes this is our mandate too. Thus, our GTN On-Expedition training is designed to develop four generations of leaders…and more. To do this we coach national leaders to progress from Participants, to Contributors, to Co-Presenters, to Lead Trainers in each of our four phases of training.

Our ultimate objective is to see these leaders train others, who will train others, who will train others to see the multiplication of Viral, Missional, Disciple-making, Leadership-developing, church planting movements (that’s the longer version…whew, what a mouthful). Continue reading “4 Generations of Leaders…Our Mandate”

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