Six Phases, Five Layers


Phil Graf and I are gearing up to travel back to Africa for the third phase of our training leaders in Uganda and South Sudan. Our vision is to equip leaders to multiply viral, missional church planting movements.

Each trip we take, we add a new city where we train new leaders in Phase 1 of our training. We also return to the previous cities to present the next phase in the On-Expedition six phases training sequence.

You can summarize our training by the words “six phases” and “five layers.” Phase 1 of our training focused on Romans as a life and missional map.

Rescue Markers from Romans
Rescue Markers from Romans

In phase 2 we emphasized “empowering leaders for multiplication.” In the upcoming phase 3 training, we will plunge into “healing brokenness and growing to be spiritual fathers.” (Phases 4-6 are under construction.)


Our approach to training is interactive rather than passive. The leaders we are training have expressed surprise that we do not simply lecture while they take notes. Our goal in not information transfer; it is life and ministry empowerment. To do this, each training involves the following  five layers:

  1. Biblical Content – We root everything we do in Scripture.
  2. Practical Emphasis – With years of ministry experience, we are practitioners who want to see our world reached for Christ.
  3. Workshop Format – Leaders interact with us and with each other.Juba Interaction
  4. Regional Teaming – Leaders from the same regions meet in small groups to set geographical goals and strategic plans.
  5. Missional Movement Multiplication – Those we train, join with us to train others, to train others, to train others. The key to this is coaching.

Before returning to Africa to train Ugandan and South Sudanese leaders, Phil and I will make two stops that relate to our long-term training goals.

Our first stop will be in Phoenix, Arizona February 8-17 to meet with other Global Training Network leaders. Phil and I will share our approach to training, as well as continue to learn from other GTN leaders. GTN is now in 50 plus countries training thousands of leaders.

Our second stop will be in the Carolinas February 18-25. We will meet with pastor friends in Charlotte to discuss training leaders in Zambia. Phil will then head to the Pennsylvania area while I go on to Columbia and Myrtle Beach South Carolina to meet ministry friends and speak at Seacoast Vineyard in Myrtle Beach.


Our training in Africa will take place February 26 to March 12. Please pray that God will use our training to spread good news of Jesus “deep and wide.” Pray for us while we travel (and take our malaria medication :-)). Pray that God will us to raise up more and more leaders who have a passion to reach, disciple, and empower others for Christ and His kingdom. Lastly, please pray for the funding we need.

On Expedition with Jesus,

Linus and Sharon

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