“I Want the Divine Expedition”

GTN Senior Executive Leadership Team

This past month Phil Graf and I drove to Phoenix for the Global Training Network Senior Executive Leadership team (GTN’s SELT) of which we are a part.

These meetings were followed by the overall GTN leadership gathering, including new staff. In 19 years GTN has grown to 170 staff members…training in 83 countries. It was an uplifted and inspiring time, especially the update by GTN President Paul Madson. I’ll write more about Paul’s message later.

Introduction of new staff members


I was also asked to speak on 3-5 lessons of life and ministry I have learned. I was scheduled to speak on this a year ago but was in a Covid isolation room. It’s a good thing I didn’t speak then, as I only had two points. I had an entire year to come up with a third :-).



Spanish acronym for New Life in Jesus

I am currently in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala (the locals call it Xela), where we are continuing our Divine Expedition training. Last November we led our Phase 1 training (“The Book of Romans as a Life Transformation and Missional Impact Map”) in a church called “New Life in Jesus, led by Pastor Ivan Oliva.

In the past two days, we repeated Phase 1 in a second church led by Pastor Marvin. Several Guatemalans from Pastor Ivan’s church (where we previously led Phase 1) joined us again to progress as trainers. They led some of the sessions and did great. This is where it get’s exciting for us, as national leaders catch the vision for our training and begin to take ownership of it.

Phase 1 again…2nd church

At the close of our new Phase 1 training, Pastor Marvin thanked us and said, “I want the Divine Expedition training in my church.” By this he meant that he wants us to return for Phases 2, 3, and 4, and equip his church to train others, to train others, to train others. This was the second time through Phase 1 for Pastor Marvin and his wife as they attended our training last November at Pastor Ivan’s church.

DE teammate Mike Davis with Pastors Ivan and Marvin giving an illustration.

Another pastor, who attended the past two days, requested that we start the Divine Expedition training in his church. That means that on our next trip to Guatemala we would do Phase 1 in his church, Phase 2 in Pastor Marvin’s church, and Phase 3 in Pastor Ivan’s church.


While our main purpose in Guatemala has been GTN’s Divine Expedition training, our team has also engaged in student and prison ministry.

We visited the Xela prison (almost canceled because of a murder inside the prison two weeks earlier) and brought soft drinks and pizza for the prisoners. Once inside, our teammate, Stan Gerlach spoke and presented the Gospel and El Salvadoran teammate Herbert Diaz interpreted. With the rest of our team of Americans and Guatemalans (and a lot of prison guards) watching and praying, 50 prisoners raised their hand to receive Christ.

Outside the Xela prison (no cameras allowed inside)

We are praising God for the response to our ministry here. Tonight we return to Pastor Ivan’s church to begin our Phase 2 (“Aligning Your Heart with Father God’s Heart”).

Thank you for partnering with me/us to equip Guatemalans and people around the world to reach people for Christ, make disciples, develop leaders, and reproduce churches.

On mission together with you for the King of kings and Lord of lords,

Linus and the Divine Expedition team

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