What a Wedding!

Stan, Dr. Sharo, and me on our way to the airport in Guatemala

I just attended the wedding of now Dr. Sharo and Robin Raissi. Actually, 150 people attended the wedding, including Sharon’s (not Sharo’s) and my daughter Laina and son-in-law Phil, plus a number of the NO BS BS group I lead when not traveling and training.

Sharo’s best man was Stan Gerlach who is part of the NO BS BS, as is Sharo. Stan, Sharo, Mike Davis (also at the wedding), and I were recently in Guatemala conducting Phases 1 and 2 of our Global Training Network Divine Expedition training.

Here is a photo of Stan, Dr. Sharo, and me driving back from Quetzaltenango Guatemala to catch our flight home following the training.

Speaking of our training, in Guatemala, here is some of the feedback Participants gave us:

“The Holy Spirit moved a lot.”

“Speaking about forgiveness, it is so beautiful to be able to forgive. Thank you.”

“You helped us and gave us the example of humbleness.”

‘God healed our hearts and equipped us fight the battle and bring others to Christ.

Forgot to say “I do!”

In addition to training with us in Guatemala, Dr. Sharo frequently serves in medical missions. A retired heart surgeon (but still a licensed doctor) he participates on missions that repair damaged hearts of children who would otherwise not live to adulthood.

That is where he met Robin (in Africa), and that’s why they were married in Maui (where Robin works as a nurse).

Their story is a God-story of meeting while serving God and praying that God would lead them to marry the right person. Those of us in our Friday morning NO BS BS have been praying with Sharo as his relationship progressed from serving together, becoming friends, getting engaged, to now being married.

A humorous moment in the wedding is after Dr. Kirk (also a heart surgeon) asked,

“Do you Sharo take Robin to be your wife….”

Sharo just stood there in silence staring at Robin, saying nothing.

Finally Dr. Kirk reminded Sharo,

“This is the part where you say, “I do.”

It wasn’t until Sharo lifted Robin’s veil, and was reminded once more he was supposed say, “I do,” that a memorized Sharo said it. What a joyous moment.

They both said, “I do.”

What a joy it was to be part of the Band of Brothers that have walked alongside of Sharo. Along with others, Sharo and I have studied the Bible together, trained leaders in other countries, roomed together, prayed together, and now accompanied him as he and Robin took their vows to be united in marriage together.

NO BS BSERS (and several others) attending the wedding.

Sharo (not Sharon) played a significant role in our family, as he walked along side me and our six children before Sharon (not Sharo) passed into heaven. He then walked along side me (and our children) as I struggled with Covid, and our children thought they were going to lose both of their parents in the same month.

I am grateful to have been a part of Sharo and Robin’s wedding, and the “band of brothers…and sisters,” leading up to such a joyous and Christ honoring event…and I am grateful to be part of God’s family with you too.

Because His love endures forever,


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