What Happened to Australia and Antarctica?


In Matthew 28:19, Jesus charged his disciples to “go and make disciples of all nations….” Of course, the key to that is what comes before and after his command. The “before” is that all authority in heaven and earth belongs to Jesus (vs. 18). To make disciples we must go in the authority and power of our risen Lord. The “after” is that he is with us always, to the very end of the age (vs. 20). To make disciples we need Christ’s presence with us, through the Holy Spirit.

Global Training Network is not quite in “all nations” but it is 70 of them…and growing. All nations includes all continents. My GTN staff friends Doug and Joan Dorman have seven children. Doug says they had one for each continent :-). Sharon and I only had six children because we didn’t really think Antarctica counted as a continent (just joking, but what’s the population of Antarctica?).


It has been our privilege in our years of ministry to train leaders in five of the seven continents: North America, Europe, South
America, Africa, and Asia. On each of those continents we have been training leaders who are training leaders who are training leaders. Those we have trained are leading others to Christ, seeing disciples and leaders raised up and equipped, and multiplying new churches.


Revelation 5:6-10 pictures a great harvest because of the Lamb (Jesus) who was slain, He purchased with his blood men and women from every tribe and language, people, and nation, and made them a kingdom of priests to serve our God and reign with Him on earth. At our recent Global Training Network leadership gathering we saw a 3-minute video highlighting this. I have watched it several times since, and each time I do, I choke up. To think that we get to be a part of this…and that we also get to serve Christ in ways that add to this harvest. Click on this link to see the video:

In the next six months, Phil Graf, Mark and Gayll Phifer-Houseman, and I will travel to Brazil, Nepal (twice), Ethiopia, Uganda, and Rwanda to train leaders. We will be joined by Sammy Diab, Tony and Mari Ademo, and a growing number of other Brazilian trainers in Brazil, and we will join a team of Ugandan Divine Expedition Master Trainers in Uganda. Pray as we seek to raise up teams on each of the continents, and that they will impact their own nations and the nations surrounding them. Phil, Mark, Gayll, met this week with Ethiopian leader Tariku Kersima (pictured below) to confirm our invitation to train in Addis Ababa.

Some shady characters

In addition to training in South America, Asia, and Africa, I am scheduled to travel to London to speak at the Christian Associates (now called Communitas) 50th year ministry celebration, and later to Interlaken Switzerland to participate in the Traction retreat for at risk missionaries. I am also scheduled to train leaders in two churches in the U.S. in the next couple months. Thus, we will be in five of the seven continents (we are open o going to Australia if the Lord opens that door but I’m not sure Antarctica in in our future :-).


Sharon has been making progress in regaining strength in her left arm, hand, and leg. She needs to work on her balance now. She was in a race with our one-year old grandson Roman to see who would walk first. He won. Sharon is doing some cooking under my watchful eye as she doesn’t have full coordination yet. I have been demoted from chef to sous chef. I love it! Our menu has improved.

3 daughters, 2 granddaugthers, and Sharon…what could be better…well maybe all 6 children and 20 grandchildren but there wouldn’t be room on the bed.

Please pray for Sharon’s continued improvement (she still fatigues due to her auto-immune condition). Pray too for wisdom on my part to make sure she is cared for while I travel and train. Pray for our upcoming trainings and for good health and favor with God and men as we lift up the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thanks so much for all who have been praying, and thanks for your partnership in making our ministry possible.

Linus and Sharon for the Divine Expedition Team

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