Turning Up the Heat … in Terms of Schedule


For the past six months, my primary focus has been to walk Sharon through her recovery, as she regains the use and strength of her left side. She spent six days in a regular hospital (ER, ICU, and normal hospital room) and more than two weeks in a rehabilitation hospital.

In between visits to see Sharon every day, I readied our house for her return by rolling up carpets, installing grip bars, and changing the shower configuration, so she could navigate our home safely. I am especially grateful for friends and family who supplied me with meals that kept me from having to eat my own cooking (a fate almost worse than death).

Upon Sharon’s return we shuttled back and forth to and from countless doctor appointments and 24 physical therapy appointments. Sharon has steadily made progress, gained coordination, and increased in strength. I am so proud of her efforts as she continues to recover.

Uphill Climb…with help from a daugther and a grandson

Thanks to Sharon’s sister Marilyn, who looked out for Sharon while I was away, I was able to travel to Virginia to lead a pastor’s retreat, to Phoenix for the Global Training Network leadership gathering, and to Big River California where I spoke to the staff of a church in Orange County led by friends Phil and Tammy Hotsenpiller. I was also able to lead the NO BS BS which meets each Friday and continue work on Divine Expedition training materials.

I postponed trainings to Nepal and Africa while I focused on assisting Sharon. With her coaching, I improved from a minus 10 to a minus 9 as a cook, and learned how to use cooking utensils such as a “whisk” (I had no idea what that was called). With trainings postponed but looming I have been praying about Sharon’s ongoing care.

Recently, our son and daughter-in-law offered the use of a one-story cottage in the back of their house, where they could look in on (and interact with) Sharon while I am away. It is a wonderful option as it gives me comfort to know Sharon is safe, as well as gives Sharon (and at times both of us) the chance to connect with our son, his wife Dani, and our two grandsons, Linus III and Roman.

Linus III and Roman…velcroed to a wall carpet so they won’t slip off 🙂

And so, as the song goes: “Hi ho, Hi ho, it’s off to work we go.” Following is a schedule of upcoming Divine Expedition trainings I am scheduled to be part of now that I know Sharon will be looked after.


26-30 June Drive to Friday Harbor, WA
Begin Divine Expedition training at Islands Community Church
01-04 July Continue DE workshop
04-14 Drive to White Salmon, WA Washington to visit family
15 Fly to Los Angeles

18 July Flight to Brazil (arrive July 19)
20-21 Estrela, Brazil
Divine Expedition Phase 1 training (led by Brazilians)
22 Bom Retiro do Sul, Brazil; Commission our Master Trainers
23 Early flight to Sao Paulo (GRU)followed by drive to Matão
23-25 DE Phase 3 training
26 Drive to Valinhos
26-28 DE Phase 4 training
29 Drive to Jacareí; Preach
30 Present DE small group curriculum
31 São Paulo Return flight home

10-14 August London
Fly and Speak at Christian Associates/Communitas 50th year ministry anniversary celebration

17-19 August Boise, ID Mini Light and Power House Reunion

24 August Kathmandu Arrive in Kathmandu (KTM)
25 Preach
26-28 Bhaktapur district of Kathmandu, DE Phase 1 training
29-31 Lalitpur district of Kathmandu, DE Phase 2 training
01 September Preach
02 Fly back home

18-25 September
Interlaken Traction Retreat for at risk missionaries
September 26-October 3 TBD

03 October Fly to Addis Ababa
04-06 DE Phase 1 training

Ethiopian Divine Expedition Team: Tariku, Some guy named Linus, Phil (back row), Gayll (front row), and Mark

06 October Fly to Kigali (10:45pm)
07 Kigali Preach
08-09 Kigali Phase 1 training (led by Ugandans)

09 October Drive to Rukungiri after training
10-11 Rukungiri Phase 1 training (led by Ugandans)
11 Drive to Ishaka after the training
12-13 Ishaka Phase 1 training (led by Ugandans)
14 Mbarara Drive to Mbarara and preach
15-16 Mbarara Phase 2 training (led by Ugandans)
17 Drive to Ggaba
18 Ggaba Encourage our Master Trainers and Regional Leaders
18 Entebbe Fly back home

04 November Fly to Kathmandu (KTM)
06 Kathmandu Arrive
07-09 Kathmandu Phase 1
10 Preach
11-13 Bhaktapur Phase 2
14-16 Lalitpur Phase 3
17 Preach
18 Fly back home

In addition to training and equipping leaders to multiply viral, missional, disciple-making, leadership-developing, church-planting movements everywhere we do, we are seeking to develop national and regional Divine Expedition training teams. Phil Graf and I are also seeking to expand our international team to take the Divine Expedition training to multiple nations at the same time.

Please pray for much fruit, as well as Sharon’s continued progress.

Because He is the King of kings and Lord of lords,

Linus and Sharon for the Divine Expedition team

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