Divine Expedition Outcomes


Some good friends recently asked, “What have you guys learned about running the full cycle of your training in Uganda and 1/2 or 2/3 of the cycle in Brazil? What outcomes are happening?”

The first part of that question pertains to Uganda. We began the Divine Expedition Training cycle in in Kampala in 2012 and over the next four years trained leaders in four cities: Kampala (central), Gulu (north), Rukungiri (west), and Soroti (east). Our two main objectives were:

1) to equip Master Trainers who would train others who would train others who would train others (multiply 4 and 5 generations of leaders), and

2) to equip these leaders to multiply viral, missional, disciple-making, leadership-developing, church-planting movements.

Meeting with Ronnie, Douglas, and Pastor Peter

This past week Phil Graf (co-founder and designer of the Divine Expedition training) and I met with Pastor Peter Kasirivu and two of the Africa Renewal Ministries board members, the organization that Pastor Peter leads.

Pastor Peter is the one who invited us to train his network of pastors, leaders, and churches in Uganda. In doing so he entrusted to us with four of his core leaders to accompany us to all four cities and become Divine Expedition Master Trainers.

During our meeting this past week, Pastor Peter gave us an update on some of the outcomes of our training:

  • In Gulu the four churches that existed when we began our Phase 1 training have multiplied to 15 churches and a new church is being planned just across the Ugandan border into South Sudan (same tribal people).
  • In Soroti 15 churches have multiplied to 75 churches.
  • Master Trainer Chris (pictured below) has taken the leadership of a floundering church and seen it grow this past year from 30 to 100.
  • Master Trainer Michael (pictured below) has launched a new church in Entebbe that has grown to over 100.
  • The Divine Expedition trainings in Entebbe, that the Ugandans have led without us has led to a second church plant there. 
  • Master Trainer Jedi pastors a church in a Muslim community.
  • Master Trainer Moses leads the Fellowship of Community Churches network of more than 400 church throughout Uganda. 
  • The four Ugandan Divine Expedition Master Trainers are actively training others and additional churches are being launched. They have conducted Divine Expedition trainings in Kampala, Entebbe, and Mbarara without us being present. Two examples are Sam and Ivan:
  • My last report from Pastor Sam M., who started a church in Ishaka after our training in Rukungiri (Ishaka Community Church), was that their mission team led 50 people to Christ.
  • Pastor Ivan A. who also went through our four phases of training in Rukungiri has now relocated to Brundi and is about to launch a new church.

While we thank God that He has used us, our part has been catalytic. It is the Ugandans who are the ones who laboring to reach people for Christ, and raise them up to be disciples, leaders, and church planters. It has been humbling and inspiring to work with these leaders.

Soroti: The men in the long shirts are now Divine Expedition Master Trainers…the others just completed Divine Expedition Phases 1, 2, 3 and 4.

I will report in my next letter the answer to the question, “What have you guys learned and what are the outcomes of the 1/2 or 2/3 of the training cycle in Brazil?”

We will continue our training in four cities in the greater Sao Paulo, Brazil area from May 13 to May 30. We have invited two leaders from Nepal to observe these trainings with the hope of launching the Divine Expedition training in Nepal in early 2018. We hope to return to southern Brazil in November to continue our training there.

Meanwhile, Pastor Peter has asked us to return to Uganda early in 2018 to bring together the Master Trainers, and the regional leaders they are continuing to train, to report further on what has been happening as a result of our training. We will also observe them conduct a training, and then accompany them to the Congo to launch the Divine Expedition training there.

We are in discussion about the possibility of training in Ethiopia.


So, what are the outcomes? By God’s grace and power, we are playing a catalytic role resulting in people coming to faith in Christ, leaders being trained and multiplied, and new churches being planted…lots of them.

Thank you for praying. Pray for the leaders we are training and for those they are training. Pray for our upcoming travels. Pray for God’s guidance as we consider expanding our training to places like Nepal and the Congo.

Jesus commanded us to make disciples and promised that if we abide in him we would bear much fruit. What an honor to see his promises fulfilled.

Thanks for praying. Thanks for partnering.

Linus (for the Divine Expedition Team)

P.S. Speaking of bearing much fruit, here is a picture of our newest grandchild (#16):

Sharon and daughter-in-law Dani with our newest grandchild Roman Judd Morris

One thought on “Divine Expedition Outcomes

  1. The glory of the latter day church WILL be greater than that of the former . . . thank you, Linus for your leadership and facilitating growth. In my church background, we called them nationals. Raising up, discipling [sp] and training in preparing others to plant churches. Every corner of the globe must be reached by the Gospel of Christ before He can return for us at last. Thank you for everything you are doing ♥

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