Brazil: Four generations of leaders


Rio Grande do Sul is the southernmost state in Brazil. We have been training here (and in the next state north, Santa Catarina) for the past two years. We are delighted with the fruit our trips are bearing. Phil Graf and I began the On-Expedition training with the goal of multiplying leaders who could train others to train others to train others to. Our ultimate objective is that these leaders will multiply viral, missional, church planting movements in Brazil…and beyond.

First there were two.
First there were two.

Our first training presented “Romans as a Life and Mission Map.” Phil and I were the lead-presenters, and did all the training. The training was held at a church called “Hope Chapel Brazil” led by Samir Muhamad Diab. “Sammy” was mentored at Hope Chapel in Maui and is fluent in both Portuguese and English. He brought together leaders from his own church, as well as pastors of other churches in the area. He said he liked using the On-Expedition workshop format, and began to see the sequential nature of Romans as a life and mission map.


Then the two were joined by six others (Contributors)

Our next trip to Brazil was to a second city where we presented our Phase 1 training on Romans again. We were joined by Doug Dorman, as a lead trainer, with Phil, Doug, and I doing 80% of the training. Sammy and his wife Marcia, as well as two other couples from Hope Chapel Brazil, joined us as Contributors. The Brazilians contributed by presenting some of the material from the Phase 1 workshop they previously attended.

Sammy’s comment after his second Phase 1 was “Now I really get it.” Like us, Sammy saw that the more you interact with the book of Romans, the more you see that it was Paul’s strategy to multiply disciples, leaders, and churches The same strategy is viable today.

The six has become 12 (Co- and Lead-Presenters)

We are back in Brazil for a third time. Each time we return we add the next phases (Phases 2, 3, and 4) in the previous cities, and then present Phase 1 again in a new city. In a city called Estrela, we have added those pictured here to our Brazilian training team.

We are delighted to entrust the training to the national Brazilian leaders and see them impacted by the On-Expedition training, was well as take an increased role in training others. The number of nationals who can now train others in Romans as a life and mission map has increased from two (Phil and me) to twelve in Brazil (counting Doug Dorman and me not pictured).


Sammy (Samir) will join Doug Dorman and me as we travel north to present our Phase 1 training in two more cities. Sammy is now a Lead-Presenter and will do the heavy lifting along side Doug and me. We are working to empower him to be the national On-Expedition trainer.

Sammy and Marcia
Sammy and Marcia: leading leaders to multiple leaders

Following our time in Sao Paulo, Sammy will return to his church and, along with the others we have been training, present Phase 1 to his whole church over the course of the next several months. Raising up a fourth generation of leaders is underway.  We have also begun the process of raising up Contributors, Co-Presenters, and Lead Presenters from the other churches where we are training.

We are praying and working hard to empower majority world leaders to plant spiritually healthy, viral, missional churches that become church planting beacons and movements. In Sammy and Marcia we see true national leaders who will multiply other leaders in Brazil to fulfill Jesus’ great commission.

Thanks for being part of this with us,

Linus, Phil, and the On Expedition Training Team in Brazil

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