You never know…


On our recent trip to Europe, I had the chance to speak at several churches we were a part of starting. It was great to see friends and churches dear to us continue to lift up the good news of Salvation through Jesus.

Lights in the City of Lights
Lights in the City of Lights

As we journeyed, we also had the chance to meet new people and share the good news of Jesus. During one dinner, a couple sitting with us, Pat and Betty, asked what I was reading, to which I replied: “C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity.”

In the course of our ensuing conversation, I asked if I could pray for their two sons about whom they expressed concern. The response was very appreciative. The next night we ate together again and Pat told me that he felt there was something missing in his life and would like to meet with me.

Pat and Betty
Pat and Betty

Pat, my friend Jamie, and I did so. As the three of us interacted, Pat shared a bit of his life-story. I was reminded of Cornelius in Acts 10-11, as Pat, like Cornelius, was generous and God-fearing. I read the passage to Pat, then we presented a simple overview of how to receive Jesus as the center of one’s life. Pat prayed to do so.

You never know who God will bring into your path.


We had the opportunity along the way to share with others too. During one dinner conversation I mentioned to our waiter that those at our table were talking about Jesus. He quickly replied: “I don’t believe in God.” Then he thought for a moment and added, “Well, I believe there is something; I just don’t know what it is.”

I asked if we could meet the next day during his break. When we got together, I invited him to unpack why he didn’t believe. We then talked about the Biblical story of creation and the alternatives to a belief that God created us…and how the alternatives leave us without any real meaning in life.

We talked further about how astrophysics and astronomy increasingly point to a singular Big Bang beginning of the universe, harmonizing with the “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth” of Genesis 1:1. We then walked though a brief overview of how God loves us and sent Jesus to remove the barrier of sin that separates us from Him. We will keep in touch through email.

Bohad from Slovakia
Bohad from Slovakia

Pray for Bohad (Slovakian name), and pray for Sheila who I sat next to on my return flight from Amsterdam to LA. Sheila is a 51 year-old single mom with a Jewish background. I inquired about her story, which included losing her grandparents in the holocaust, and her mother’s survival because her parents gave her to a non-Jewish family to protect her. I was able to share with her how much God loved her and sent Jesus to give Himself to rescue her.

Pray for Pat and Betty from Kansas, Bohad from Slovakia, Sheila from Amsterdam…and pray too for our upcoming trainings in four Brazilian cities October 13-November 4.

Because of His great grace and the Good News of Jesus,

Linus and Sharon

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