“I really want to take this training all over Brazil!”

This was the comment of Sammy, the Brazilian pastor we are working with in Brazil. We conducted Phase 1 of our On-Expedition training at his church, with pastors from all over the southernmost state of Rio Grande do Sul. Sammy’s wife Marcia emailed:

“It was a treat from God got to knowing you and Phil.  I personally learned precious insights through both of you.  And definitely, God used you to echo in my heart the purpose of my life.  I can only thank you and above all, God, Who through His mercy care enough to repeat Himself using His chosen ones.  It was an immense pleasure having you here and we are looking forward to next time too.”

Sammy and Marcia
Sammy and Marcia

Here are a few other comments we received at the end of our Phase 1 training:


“Before the seminar I was asking God to give me answers in prayer, and I saw a puzzle. During the past three days, God gave me the puzzle picture I was asking for. Most of the time we know what we are supposed to do but we don’t know how to get there. This seminar has been more valuable than gold.”


“Me and my wife were sent out a year ago to open a new church. I have been preaching and seen a lot of people receive healing and be evangelized…but I could not get anyone to stay. I was so discouraged I was thinking of quitting. I have been asking God for a strategy so we could keep these people. Through this seminar God has given me more than one strategy. We want to start applying this as fast as we can. We want to put these strategies into action. I used think that all a pastor had to do was just shepherd people. Now I know that I have to be a reproducer. I want to go out and evangelize and win my city.”


“At the end of last year I noticed that there were people without the gospel and that some people within the church had no purpose or mission. Through this seminar I learned some strategies that I can use to reach these people. I am going to be able to use a lot of what I learned and give others a purpose to serve the Lord.”


We will return to Brazil at the end of February and conduct Phase 2 in Rio Grande do Sul, then repeat Phase 1 in Santa Catarina, the next state north. Some time later in the year, we will conduct Phase 3 in Rio Grande do Sul, Phase 2 in Santa Catarina, and Phase 1 in Parana. Each time we repeat a phase we progressively train others to do what we do with the vision to see leaders, trainers, and churches multiplied.



It’s back to Europe and Africa. In September I will be part of the leadership for a conference in Switzlerland called Traction. It is a renewal conference for missionaries all over the world led by a pastor-friend Daniel Hahn. Following this, Sharon will join me and we will visit the churches in Geneva (Ferney Voltaire, France) and Amsterdam that we helped start. Sharon and I will have a role in the Crossroads Amsterdam’s 25th anniversary celebration.

On October 11th I will travel on to Africa where Phil Graf and I will conduct all four phases of our training. The training will be held in four strategic cities in Uganda with some of our South Sudanese trainees joining us. We are most excited about the Ugandans and South Sudanese who we have been training who will now be able to be the lead-presenters for Phase 1.


In addition to our monthly support, each of the training trips we take cost between $15-20,000. This includes air fare, training materials, ground transportation for us and for those we are training, and some lodging and meals for those being trained. Please join us in what is the most fruitful time of our entire ministry.

Linus and Sharon

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