Adventures of the heart

Reese Bricken
Reese Bricken

Loved ones,

I have been participating in the Adventures of the Heart retreat led by long-time friend Reese Bricken and son Linus Jr.

The Adventures of the Heart retreat is designed for men to “recapture their hearts.”

The essence of Adventures of the Heart is that God has a role for us to play in the Larger Story of Life. The Larger Story is that before the universe began, there existed a Divine Fellowship (Father, Son, and Spirit, the Triune God) that created a good world, and man as man and woman. Everything that God created was good, until evil entered and distorted our world (that’s another story). This evil continues to exist, comes against the good that God created, and battles for our hearts.

Most people succumb to the lies of the Enemy who seeks to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10a). Fortunately, Jesus entered our world to rescue us from these diabolical lies and harm of the Enemy, and restore us to the goodness and beauty God intends for each of us.

Father and Son at 13,000'
Father and Son at 13,000′

As we encounter Jesus, and as we let Him speak His truth to our hearts, we are transformed and able to play a role in the Larger Story of restoring God’s kingdom to earth and the lives of those around us.

Sound simplistic? I can’t do justice to all the material that the Adventures of the Heart leadership presented. It was and is profound. I would that every person I know could/would attend an Adventures of the Heart retreat. This is part of our On-Expedition Phase 3 training of indigenous leaders in Uganda, South Sudan, and Brazil.

Pray with Phil Graf and me as we lead all four phases of our training in Africa October 11-31. Pray for the leaders we will be training. Pray for my friend Reese, Linus Jr, and all the men who have just walked through a life transforming Adventures of the Heart Retreat.

For the King and His kingdom to come on earth as it is in heaven,

(grateful to be the husband of beloved wife Sharon and in the service of Jesus)

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