4 People in Common and an Update on Sharon

What do the four people below have in common?

Monika Lee Swick
Monika Lee Swick at high school graduation

London Falls Graf
London Falls Graf at high school graduation
Kelton Graf
Kelton Justice Graf being baptized
Branson Graf
William “Branson” Graf being baptized


They are all four our grandchildren…making us proud grandparents.


Thanks so much for your email and prayers. Sharon is better. As I wrote before, an MRI showed that a vessel in her brain had bled so she spent four days in the hospital. We followed up with lots of doctor appointments and found that the culprit was a spike in her blood pressure. Our recent appointment with a neurologist who specializes in these things was very encouraging. She tested normal. The key now is to keep her blood pressure under control and stay hydrated. We are so grateful for the love, grace, and prayer we have received…plus getting to attend our grandchildren’s graduations and baptisms.

Sharon with Grandsons
Sharon with Grandsons

We are so grateful for your partnership with us in ministry.

Linus and Sharon

P.S. A note from a granddaughter:

“Dear my beautiful grandparents,

I’m not just writing this thank you card to thank you for the amazing graduation gifts, but also for being in my life. I absolutely love coming and visiting you and love it just as much when you come and visit me. Thank you tons for my card, book, and Bible. I promise to put them all to good use, especially the Bible. Being around you no matter how long always encourages me to strengthen my faith in God. So again, thank you for everything. I love you both so very much!


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