The Past, Present and Future


Before learning of my mother’s death, Sharon and I were in France to speak at the Crossroad Church in Ferney France. It was exciting to think back to when our family, along with two other families, moved to the greater Geneva Switzerland area to start the church. Over the years it has grown and spread the influence of the Gospel all over Europe and the world. We planted and God has given the growth.

Crossroads Servic
Crossroads Servic

Along with joy over those influenced by the Crossroads Church (past and present), we rejoice at friends who came to Christ while we were starting the church, who are now part of the church’s leadership and infecting others with the DNA of the gospel of grace we sought to implant. Three of such friends are Irish Daphne and Richard, and Scottish Margaret pictured below.

Daphne and Richard Minchin (left)
Daphne and Richard Minchin (left)

While in France, I also led a Divine Expedition Seminar for the Crossroads Ferney and its recent church plant called the Crossroads St. Genis, also in France. A great group of people engaged with us in exploring the Divine Expedition theme, “Where Are You in the Book of Romans?”

Divine Expedition Seminar
Divine Expedition Seminar

Speaking of the Divine Expedition, it is not too late to order copies and receive them in time for Christmas. If interested, go to or call Sharon at 310-488-2030.


Meanwhile, Phil Graf and I are now in Uganda and South Sudan for Phase 2 of our six-phase training. Our goal is to “multiply viral, missional, church planting movements.” God has already blessed our efforts in these countries. There is momentum developing to see people come to Christ, disciples made and leaders and churches multiplied. I will give a report upon our return December 19th.


We thank you for being part of what we are doing through your prayers and giving. We ask that you include us in your year-end giving, as well as your ongoing monthly gifts. We are so grateful for your partnership with us. God’s kingdom is growing and advancing because of it.

With much gratitude,

Linus and Sharon

One thought on “The Past, Present and Future

  1. It was such a joy to be with you for the little time possible, sadly only part of the seminar, but I bought the book and it is my bed-side reading (which makes it slow as I am usually late to bed then too tired to read much at the time!!!) I have been ‘looking after’ a tiny Bible Study in France for several years and we have adopted the method of reading Scripture without a fixed commentary. The ladies are Catholic and have never read Scripture as whole books and it has been exciting to read with them and share together. Two weeks ago one of them mentioned a Jewish lady who still saw Jews as the ‘Chosen race’ and saw a very secondary place attributed to Gentile Christians!! It was the excellent opportunity to suggest studying Romans as our next book and we started last week! I remember you said that there was a study guide to go with your book. How easy would it be for me to buy a copy? (No French translation?) Hope this reply isn’t too long. You are such precious people to me! My love and a Happy Christmas. Maddy Bourgeois

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