Out of Africa

Phil Graf and I completed a three week speaking and training expedition, mostly in Africa, just before Christmas.It was a great trip but you can tell we were happy to head home for Christmas.

Phil and me—can you identify who is who?
Phil and me—can you identify who is who?

Here are some excerpts from Phil’s report just before we returned home:

“What an amazing Phase II Training Expedition Linus and I have been on these past 20 days!  As we engaged the pastors in Kampala, Gulu, and then in Juba, they told us of the amazing transformation that occurred in their lives and ministries.  We asked follow-up questions trying to gain greater awareness of their “transformation”.  This is what we discovered…

Those who attended our Phase 1 training in April reported starting 23 new churches since that time (19 in Uganda, 4 in South Sudan)…HALLELUJAH!!!”


Each place we go and every Phase we lead, we identify leaders who will train others who will train others who will train others. Below is a picture of four of the Ugandan’s who traveled with us to train others after going through our April, Phase-1 training.

While facilitating On-Expedition Trainings, we involve leaders from previous trainings to observe and participate in the new training with us in preparation of their taking an increased role the next time around.  Then the next time through they lead the training themselves with us in the background coaching.  We anticipate in two years, some becoming the lead trainers of Phase I, mentoring and coaching others themselves!


George:This has been a tremendously empowering event. I have learned new things in a very simple way. It has been transforming. This has outrun all other conferences I have attended and taught me how to improve my leadership of empowering others.”

“I repented from “telling” and will now “ask.” I have been in conflict with my wife for years. I now have a skill to renew the relationship and realize that I must minister to my own family first. Many pastors are famous but don’t minister to their own families who know their weaknesses. What we are experiencing is like the New Testament at Pentecost reaching all kinds of people. God is raising up New Testament churches and we can be a catalyst.”

Andrew: “I have learned that we need to empower people. Many conference speakers “dump” information. You have helped us apply it through interaction with each other. I’ve seen a rare character in you in that you came back.  We have had many leaders but not many fathers who look beyond their boundaries with a larger open heart. We must pray for more fathers.”


We feel like we are contributing to a movement in Uganda and South Sudan that will then spill over their borders into neighboring countries (Uganda is English-speaking and South Sudan’s 1st language is Arabic).

Several in our training were born and/or lived in Khartoum and are waiting for God’s timing to return with the good news of Jesus the Christ and the training they are finding so transformational. The following picture is some of application of our training

Here is some feedback from South Sudanese leaders:

Workshop application in Arabic
Workshop application in Arabic

Yauza: “As a result of the Phase I training back in April, I took the training back to my church and now we have planted a new daughter church!”

Mondi: “When we were made to share our testimony in 3 minutes, I thought this is not possible.  Well I did it and now I do it.  I can share the Gospel in 5 minutes with anyone!  Also, I went back to my village and talked with my chief and he has said YES I can plant a church there…HALLELUJAH!”

Demoses: “Our church was 3 years old when I attended Phase I in April.  The skills I learned and you didn’t talk at us but pushed us into a workshop, it caused growth in me and our church.  Now we are starting a new church!”


Your prayers and your support of the On-Expedition training of these pastors and church planters are bringing transformation and empowerment to these men and women, to the Glory to God and the increase to His Kingdom!

Please ask God what He would like for you to invest in our ever-expanding ministry.  You can preference your contributions to Global Training Network for Sharon and me or for the On-Expedition Training account.

Because of His grace and power,

Linus and Sharon

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