Remembering Mom

December 29, 1919-November 12, 2012

Dad and Mom

Sharon and I had just completed a trip to the greater Geneva area where I led a Divine Expedition Seminar and spoke at the Crossroads Church when I got news that my mom passed away. She was born in Portland, Oregon, where she spent most of her life, but was conceived in England where my Oregon born grandfather served in the U.S. army during World War I, and met and married my English grandmother.

Mom was a stay at home mom during most of my growing up years, though she worked in the shipyards during the Second World War, and as a beautician after my sister and I reached high-school. She met my dad in a small town in southern Oregon where he was serving with the Conservation Corps (CCs) fighting forest fires. They were married for 65 years before dad passed away nine years ago.

Geode exterior

Mom and dad had a lot of hobbies together, one of which was rock-prospecting (called Rock Hounds). They were amateur but quite knowledgeable geologists. Their basement was the place where they not only stored their tons of mineral treasures, but also cut them and polished them to reveal their hidden beauty. They then faceted the stones and made fine jewelry. One of the most fascinating stones of their collection was the geode. I can’t think of a better metaphor of my mother—perhaps of each of us—than this.

On the outside, it just looks like a rock, nothing much different than billions of other rocks with bumps and blemishes, cracks and fissures.

But when you cut a geode open, and then polish it, a unique beauty emerges.

Geode interior

There are many unique and beautiful qualities that emerged in the course of mom’s life. She was a life-long learner, she read constantly and had a breadth of interests and knowledge. She had a fierce sense of loyalty, faithfulness and justice. She was a fighter with tremendous resilience. But there was another quality that added the polish to her life. She had a growing trust in Jesus. She knew that she was forgiven because of what Jesus did on the cross and that she would be with Him in heaven because she knew He is the Resurrection and the Life.

My mom’s memorial service will be held this Wednesday, November 28th at 2:00 pm at All Saints Episcopal Church in Portland, Oregon. On behalf of my sister Lee and me I say, “Thanks mom. We’re so grateful for all that you imparted to us.”

5 thoughts on “Remembering Mom

  1. Linus, so sorry for the loss of your mother. You have been a good and faithful son, and Sharon has been a sweet daughter-in-law. I’ll be praying that the service leaves you with a sense of peace and closure. Much love, Rita

  2. Linus,
    I am sorry to hear about your mom. It sounds like she was a good mom and grandma to all those kids. Thankfully, everyone looks forward to meeting again!!! Praise God for your testimony about her.

  3. Linus, I remember a conversation with you about your relationship with your mom and some of the perspectives you had to gain there. Like many of the conversations I had with you, that conversation too was an eye-opener for me. Bless you as you work through the passing of your mother!

  4. I enjoyed reading this blog. Your shared memories remind me of my parents, who have both set foot on heavenly shores. I appreciate this blog entry.

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