Doubling in One Year

FROM 5 TO 10 IN 2022

We began the Divine Expedition training with Global Training Network (GTN) in 2012, rolling it out first in Uganda (2012), followed by Brazil (2013), Nepal (2018), Ethiopia (2018), and El Salvador (2019). Each of these countries involved multiple trips as part of our strategy to equip and raise up Lead and Master Trainers.

It took ten years to launch trainings in these five countries. After the Covid pandemic pause of 2020-2021, we added another five countries this past year (2022). Here is the map of where the Divine Expeditions have been launched.

From 5 countries in ten years to 5 more in one year

We have been blessed with God raising up a growing number of leaders who have trained with us. Some of them have become a part of a growing leadership structure both nationally and internationally, and are participating with us to multiply movements that reach people for Christ, make disciples, develop leaders, and reproduce more churches. Here are just a few:




You can read more about the Divine Expedition by going to our new website: where you will find a brief description of each our four phases:

PHASE 1 – Romans as a Life Transformation and Missional Impact Map

PHASE 2 – Aligning Your Heart With The Father Heart Of God

PHASE 3 – Empowering Others for Multplication

PHASE 4 -The Book of Acts and Multiplying Movements that Reach People for Christ, Make Disciples, Develop Leaders, and Plant and Grow Churches

As we press into 2003 on the Divine Expedition with Jesus, please pray for us as we equip leaders, and pray for the leaders we are equipping. We are excited that through the Divine Expedition we are seeing people come to Christ, disciples made, leaders developed, and churches planted.

Thank you for being part of it with us, and making what we do possible by your prayers and support.

Following Jesus because of His great grace,

Linus for the Global Training Network Divine Expedition team

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