Yippee…Short for “Praise God”

Following is an announcement we just sent to our national and international Divine Expedition trainers. As Covid restrictions lift, we anticipate training in additional countries, and are happy to add Jane Hawkins our international team to help us with communication and connecting.
New Divine Expedition Team Member and Role: Jane Hawkins!
Jane, Phil, and me Training in Nepal
“Dear Divine Expedition Team Member,
“Phil Graf and I are praising God for His grace in using us to birth the Divine Expedition training under the banner of Global Training Network ten-years ago, and to see it multiply out to five countries and three continents: Uganda, Brazil, Nepal, Ethiopia—and most recently El Salvador. We rejoice most of all for you who God has raised up to lead the Divine Expedition training in these nations, sharing the vision to multiply movements that lead people to Christ, make disciples, develop leaders, and strengthen and start more churches that extend God’s kingdom. 
“In addition to Divine Expedition national leaders and teams, we have been blessed by God to be joined by a growing number of others to train others, who are entrusting to yet others what we have entrusted to them (2 Timothy 2:2). One of those is (Dr.) Jane Hawkins, who we have asked to take the role of Connector and Communicator with the increasing number of national and international leaders God is raising up. 

“Jane understands that we are after multiplying movements, not trying to build an organization. Jane and her husband Pete started a Nepalese church in Bahrain, were part of the Crossroads church we (Morris family and team) started in Amsterdam, and led our

Pete and Jane celebrating 6th year anniversary of Sampa Community Church plant in Brazil

small group ministry while there. After moving back to Brazil, Jane planted a church in SaoPaulo, went through our Divine Expedition training, became a Master Trainer, and trained alongside us in Uganda, Nepal, and multiple cities throughout Brazil.

“Given Jane’s heart for Christ and His mission (Matthew 28:16-20), her heart for the vision of the Divine Expedition training, and her heart for each of you, we have asked her to take on the role of International Communicator and Connector for the Divine Expedition. We believe movements are highly relational and want to make sure that as Divine Expedition trainings continue to multiply, we stay connected with each other. We are praising God that Jane with Pete’s support will help us to do that
“Rejoicing about Jane’s role for the King and His kingdom,
Linus and Phil”
Here is the note Phil sent en-route to Serbia:
“For many months now I have been coaching Serbian Ps Zoli. Last month Zoli wanted to hear more about our Divine Expedition Training, and as only God could orchestrate, there are now 27 pastors from all across Serbia who want to learn more about our training! I am currently en-route on my two-day journey to Belgrade, Serbia where on Monday, 21 June, 27 Serbian pastors will gather for a Taste N See to learn a bit about each of our 4 Phases of training.”
Mark and Gayll are part of Global Training Network and our Divine Expedition team. They just landed in Ethiopia to work with leaders we have been training there. Here are a couple lines from Mark and Gayll:
GTN’s Mark and Gayll

“We’re Back!

“Fifteen long months of feeling literally “beached” in California due to COVID and a frustrating last-minute visa obstacle resulted in this kind of joy when Mark finally touched down in Addis Ababa on July 7th.
“t’s been such a privilege to interact with these dedicated leaders from all over Ethiopia, especially as they face into a time of profound crisis in their country and throughout the Horn of Africa.”
Phase 2 of the Divine Expedition training is about “Aligning our Hearts (SEU CORACÃO) with Father God’s Heart.” This is one of our most powerful phases of training as it deals with wounds and forgiveness.
Led by Brazilian Divine Expedition Master Trainers
Praise for our follow up Divine Expedition training in El Salvador scheduled for November 6-14. Here is a recent update Phil (Graf) sent:
“In anticipation of returning to El Salvador to continue our Divine Expedition Training, we felt it wise to do a Zoom review. We were blown away by not only the number of church planters, pastors, and leaders who joined us from El Salvador, but by how many future trainers trained alongside us. Dr. Linus and I were so pleased with how well our El Salvadorian trainers did. Roxy, Daysi, and Ps Carlos, along with three American trainers, did all of the presenting. We had more than 50 leaders participate in the Phase 1 and Phase 2 review. We are currently working out the details of our next Divine Expedition mission trip back to El Salvador!”
With gratitude for and because of His great grace,
Linus and Sharon

P.S. Global Training Network can be accessed at GTN.ORG rather than the more lengthy globaltrainingnetwork.org

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  1. Yipeee and yahooo too!! Love y’all and praying for you. Please hug and kiss Sharon for me. XO Joan

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