Sharon Got a Tattoo

The shadow faded but her vision of the Cross will not.

We were sitting in the living room together and I couldn’t
resist capturing a photo of a shadow the window frame cast across her face. It made me think of her Norwegian (1/4th) Viking roots, but more so of her deep faith in Jesus and what he accomplished for her/us on the Cross.

Stand up, sit down, fight, fight, fight!

Sharon has been making progress doing therapy exercises each morning and riding a recumbent cycle each afternoon. Here she is doing some stand-up exercises.

I am still getting Cs and Ds from her for my cooking, but fortunately, my identity is in Christ and not my culinary ability :-).

Sammy and Marcia Diab

Because of Covid, the Divine Expedition training in Brasil stopped…

…but after one-and-a-half months, GTN staff member and  Brasil Divine Expedition leader Pastor Sammy pronounced, “Guys, we have to keep going!”

And so they have…multiplying trainings and trainers in Southern Brazil.

May 29th Divine Expedition Training in Brasil
Mark and Gayll…adopted and raised four Ethiopian orphans.

GTN staff members and Divine Expedition trainers, Mark and Gayll Phifer-Houseman, are about to travel to Ethiopia.

Before Covid hit, Mark, Gayll, Richard Wallace, and I taught a leadership course in Mekele in the Tigray Region of Ethiopia before continuing on to Addis Ababa to train there. Sadly, the Ethiopian government has been at war with Tigray recently. The result of the conflict is that tens of thousands are dead and several hundred thousand are facing starvation.

Ethiopia with Tigray just under Eritrea.

The good news is that the indigenous ministry we partner with in Ethiopia is seeing 2,000 baptisms per quarter through their disciple-making movement strategy. Because of the decentralized ministry structure, regional leaders are also taking the Divine Expedition training all over Ethiopia.

One of the effects of the training is that it has given Ethiopian Christians a different look at Romans as a map of life transformation and missional impact.


Co-developer (and son-in-law) Phil Graf just returned from Serbia where he met with 27 pastors and presented an overview of the Divine Expedition training and process. From the time he took the bus to the airport and on flight after flight he had divine appointments where he was able to share the gospel.

The response to Phil’s trip was very positive, with lots of one-on-one divine appointments in Serbia as well. Our training is designed to help national leaders fulfill their vision to reach their nations so we await their invitation to launch the fuller Divine Expedition process.


Thanks and please continue to pray for Sharon. Pray for the Divine Expedition trainings led by Sammy and his team in Brasil, and pray for Mark and Gayll Philfer-Houseman as they travel and train to what is now the war-torn country of Ethiopia. Pray too for those we have trained in Nepal and Uganda, both countries are still hit hard by the Covid pandemic, and pray for the Covid virus to subside and the doors to swing back open for us in El Salvador…and potentially Serbia.

Thanks especially for making what we do with Global Training Network possible through your giving. We resonate with the apostle Paul’s words in Philippians 4:18-19 for the gifts they sent to help with his ministry:

They are a fragrant offering, an acceptable sacrifice, pleasing to God. And my God will meet all your needs according to his glorious riches in Christ Jesus.

Because of the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ,

Linus and Sharon

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  1. Hello Linus and Sharon! Love y’all so much and praying for you often! XO Joan

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