“So Thankful”


I am so thankful that Sharon is home and recovering from her fractured vertebrae. Her head gash has healed and she is undergoing therapy to restore the strength she lost. The last three years have been difficult for

Praising God or doing therapy?

her but I am so thankful to have her back at my side (and me by hers, as she continues her recovery process). Here she is during a physical therapy exercise (I think she’s praising God too). It’s a lot of work. I am thankful for the professional help as Sharon has a tendency to tune me out when I am coaching her :-).


I am so thankful to be part of Global Training Network. Because of the spike in Covid cases in Phoenix, we decided to gather our GTN leadership by Zoom this year, rather than in person. While we missed the face-to-face contact over meals and breaks, the sessions were terrific.

We broke the day into three sections in which we “Looked Back,” “Looked In,” and “Looked Upward and Forward.” I was asked to give the first talk and the answer the questions “What was God teaching us in 2020?” and “What are some of the things God did through GTN in 2020?” Click here if you would like to listen to my talk with PowerPoint slides.

Here are a couple slides I used to begin my presentation: 

“For some of us, 2020 felt like this.” (Chris Elise/Icon Sportswire/Getty Images).


“This was me making my way through 2020.”

Kidding aside, I highlighted some great lessons our staff learned, and presented some of the powerful ministry that occurred through our GTN staff, much of it though the internet. Staff member Carl Green surmised that we did far more training in 2020 via Zoom than via travel the year before.


Each of the talks during the day were inspiring, but at the top of the list was GTN President Paul Madson’s presentation. Paul looked back at the beginning of GTN in 2004 when he and Lisa were in India and felt God’s call to train Majority World leaders. From that beginning with just Paul and Lisa, GTN has grown to 160 staff members now training in 80 countries. As a result 300,000 indigenous leaders have been trained.

With the lifting of travel restrictions, GTN staff are already starting to travel and train in person again. Paul went on to outline that our goal in the next four years  is to train another 50,000 pastors and leaders and touch 100 countries. We also want to contribute to the launching of 5,000 new churches through the multiplication of 2nd and 3rd generations of indigenous leaders. Will you join us in praying for that? Click here to listen to Paul’s message.

Another highlight for me was Carl Green’s closing talk on “Walking by Faith in Uncertain Times” from Daniel chapter 3. Carl emphasized from the story of Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego that we must never bow down to the pressures of our secular world. Click here to listen to Carl’s message.


I have wanted to write each of you personally who have prayed for us and given to our ministry this past year to let you know that Sharon and I are so thankful for you. I apologize for not writing personal notes of thanks as I wish, but am pressing forward with the ministry of GTN. The weekly NO BS BS, coordinating Sharon’s doctor and therapy appointments, and the floury of emails and correspondence that come my way every day (I am still 500 emails behind) have meant that I haven’t written the personal thank you’s I wish, but you are in our hearts. 

So thankful to be co-laboring with you in and for Christ,

Linus and Sharon




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