Can We Rewind and Start 2021 Over?


We were barely into 2021 with all its promise (or not) when Sharon fell while kicking off a shoe. Losing her balance, she landed on her back and hit her head on a nearby chair. I had just turned to put something in the trash and was just four feet away when I heard her cry out.

Sharon’s head began to bleed immediately so I grabbed a towel to press on the back of her head to stop the bleeding. I then called Linus Jr, as we were staying in the cottage just behind his house. He came right away, called the paramedics, and long story short, we took Sharon to the ER at St Mary’s Hospital in Long Beach.

In the ER waiting room.

The CAT scan showed that, in addition to the head wound, Sharon had fractured three vertebrae when she landed on her back. I was able to be with her in the ER waiting room only because she was too traumatized to answer questions at registration. Once they took her into a room for treatment, I had to leave, and sadly have not been able to visit her due to COVID precautions.


Sharon is now wearing a back brace in the intensive therapy unit of St Mary’s hospital. They just removed the six staples used to close her head wound. She hopes they will wash her hair for the first time since being hospitalized two weeks ago.

Her voice sounds stronger and I know she is working hard with the physical, occupational, and speech therapists. She is hoping she will be discharged this week, but I think the plan is for her to be there another week. The doctor and therapists will make the call on the timing of the discharge.

A week after the fall with back brace on.

I think it in Sharon’s best interests to be there a little longer, as she receives intensive therapy several times every day, something I can’t match when she returns. She has been told she can’t bend over, twist, or lift any weight. Hey, how will she clean the floors, make the beds, and cook and clean? Just kidding. I’ll do all those plus have a cleaning lady help once every two weeks.

My biggest concern when she returns will be aiding her to get in and out of bed, and up and down without aggravating her spinal injury. I call her twice a day, trying to pick times when she isn’t in therapy or taking a rest. I’ll be glad to have her back but not til its safe for her.

Our family was encouraged by a photo taken by one of Linus Jr.’s friends who works in the hospital, and visited and prayed with Sharon.

We are sustained by the confidence that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who are called according to His purpose (Romans 8:28, NIV).  

The photo to the left is of Sharon’s and my hands that Sharon had painted as a gift to me. What you don’t see is a third pair of hands. They are unseen but they are there, underneath ours. They are the hands of Jesus lifting us up and steadying us. He said no one can snatch us out of His hands (John 10:28).


I am using the time with Sharon in the hospital to work on things that are harder to get to when we are together. I just completed our 2020 taxes (always laborious). Now I am working on a talk I am to give at the Global Training Network upcoming leadership summit (by zoom this year), editing some NO BS BS, Big Issues We Face Today notes, and connecting with family and friends through the internet and phone. 

One of the great joys during this time was to watch and hear grandson Linus III read his first book, Sam and Kit. I can’t tell you how exciting and joyous it was. He read 28 different words. Here’s the plot:

Kit the cat caught Sam the fish and was going to eat him, but Sam escaped, and in the end it was Kit who was in the frying pan. I think Sam was going to eat Kit but the book ended before we found out.

After reading the book, Linus III was so excited he proceeded to act out the book like Sam the fish. Super cute.

Thanks for being on the journey of trusting and serving Christ with us.

3 thoughts on “Can We Rewind and Start 2021 Over?

  1. Sharon so sorry to hear of your accident. Love to you both. Always, always fond memories of being neighbors. Best wishes for a quick recovery
    Xoxoxo mike bradley

  2. Sharon I wish I could give you a very gentle hug but instead just will continue strong prayers for you both. Love, Lynn

  3. Dear Sharon, I’m so sorry to hear of your fall and all you’re going through. May you feel the Lord’s love and prayers being shared for you. You are surly blessed to have an amazing husband and family to give you all the love and compassion now and when you leave the hospital! You are in my prayers as the Drs. make decisions and for your recovery. Sending lots of love and prayers!🙏🏻❤️🌸

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