Nepal, Global Training Network, and Sharon (and me)


In the last year, God opened the door for Global Training Network to provide training to 90% of Nepal’s pastors by invitation from the Nepali Christian Society. Over 30 pastors and ministries have invited GTN to provide training to pastors in 40 of Nepal’s 75 districts. Each group that is trained will multiply what they have learned to another 3-5 pastors and leaders over the next 3-5 years. By training 20% of the pastors in each of these 40 districts, the Nepalese will then multiply the training to the other 80% of nation’s pastors.

GTN president Paul Madson says this is a “brief window” of opportunity. He likens it to the timing of an ascent up the world’s highest mountain, Mount Everest. Between the monsoon season of the summertime, and inclement weather throughout the fall, spring and winter, the window of opportunity for successfully climbing is limited. Therefore, strategic planning and forethought are absolutely essential to timing one’s trip.

Paul adds,

“Likewise, there exists a crucial spiritual window of opportunity right now for the gospel in Nepal. Although it is against the law to proselytize in this largely Hindu nation, the Church has continued to experience dramatic growth since the first church was established in 1952. Today, there are nearly 2 million Nepali believers. The need and urgency are great, as this door could close at any time. Hindu extremists are seeking political power and influence with aspirations of seeing Nepal become a radical Hindu nation.”


As a part of GTN, Phil Graf and I have assembled a team to equip Nepalese leaders in Kathmandu. Our goal is to equip Nepalese who would become the second layer trainers to equip those around the country in the Divine Expedition material. after GTN staff lay a basic biblical foundation.

Phil, Sammy, wife Marcia, and me…Gayll and Mike not pictured (they’re probably glad).

Phil Graf, Gayll Phifer-Houseman, Samir Diab (Brazilian), Mike Davis, and I will travel to Nepal in January to launch Phase 1 of the Divine Expedition training in two locations of Kathmandu. Our vision is that as we raise up Master Trainers over the course of the next couple years, these trainers will build on the biblical foundation that other GTN staff members provide throughout the country.

The focus of the Divine Expedition training is more apostolic (missional) than pastoral in that we seek to equip leaders to multiply viral, missional, disciple-making, leadership-developing, church planting movements, building on the essential pastoral and biblical training of others on our staff.


One of the challenges will be the length of the trip itself. We depart January 11th at 10:30 pm and don’t land in Kathmandu until January 13th at 2:00 pm. I know we cross the international date line but that is still a lot of time on airplanes and in transit. We return from Kathmandu at 1:00 pm January 26th and land back in Los
Angeles January 27th at 6:00 pm.

I don’t look forward to the long flights but do look forward to equipping Nepalese brothers and sisters in Christ to see the Gospel and Christ’s kingdom spread further. Paul Madson remarked on his last trip to Nepal:

Paul Madson, training in Nepal

One afternoon, on our final day of training leaders in Ilam, our Nepali host (Prakash) pulled out [a map of Nepal]. The pastoral couples in attendance had made the decision together to “blanket” the entire district of Ilam with a Nepali Bible (either a print or solar-powered audio version).

These pastors are now equipping their congregations to visit each home in every town to give them a copy of God’s Word and to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Already, this small but determined group has covered one-third of Ilam! Their vision and passion to spread the gospel in their native homeland is nothing short of inspiring.”


I have been Sharon’s chief cook and bottle washer for the past couple months. I am a real novice at cooking but it has been a joy to serve her, including navigating trips to doctors and physical therapists. The good news is that she is making progress regaining the strength on her left side. The bad news is that I will be gone for 17 days so won’t be with her to cook and coach.

There is more good news, however, as Sharon will stay with her sister Marilyn while I am away. Marilyn is a nurse and will be a great encouragement to Sharon. Their other sister Pat also lives near by. The three sisters all love and enjoy each other, so I am hopeful that Sharon will continue to improve under their love and care.

Please pray for Sharon while I am away, and pray for our Divine Expedition training and team. Our Phase 1 training will focus on Romans as a Life Transformation and Missional Impact Map. Pray that the leaders we train will train others who will train others, and impact the entire nation of Nepal.

Pray too for the funding needed, not only for our travel to and from Nepal, and also for the logistical and training expenses while there. Please consider giving an extra gift toward this project.

Grateful to serve our Savior both near and far,

Linus and Sharon

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