The Beat…and the Care…Goes On


After a week in the hospital and two plus weeks in a rehabilitation institute, Sharon was able to return home (Yeah!). I thought it would only be appropriate to look my best to lure her back home after all the good care (but not so good food…pureed fish and toast…Yuk!).

Putting my best foot forward.

While she was away I busied myself with getting the house ready so she would be safe, as she continues regaining strength in her speech and left side. She is progressing but we know it will take patience and continued effort on her part.

Meanwhile, I am the chief cook (thanks family and friends who have kept us going with offerings). Sharon sits and coaches me as I learn how to bake a potato, cook up some hamburger, and such things. I wonder why she keeps chuckling as she watches me. I made some mean oatmeal the other morning, and am getting pretty good at turning on the stove and oven. I am now a microwave phenom. I may be on my way to becoming the next Jacques Pepin. A tough road when you’ve been living with a Julia Childs.

Love from the DE Brazil Team

Sharon and I were buoyed by the cards and emails sent, and for the prayers, love, and support we experienced. We were encouraged by those praying for us: from Europe, Africa, Brazil, and around the US.

While in the rehab institute, Sharon overheard one of the therapists ask a patient if she had anyone at home who could help her when discharged. She said she did not. Her husband passed away 10 years before, they had no children, and she didn’t know any of he neighbors.

God loves her (us) too!

Sharon felt bad for her (as did I). We are blessed with six children who love us, a bunch of grandchildren, and many friends around the globe.

I am glad I cancelled my flight to Brazil and stayed home to get the house ready for Sharon, and could be here to help her recovery.


So, with Phil (Graf) having a prior speaking commitment, and me staying home, who led the Divine Expedition training in three cities?

Moses and Sammy: Divine Expedition Master Trainers

The exciting part is that Moses Male, who we trained in Uganda, joined Sammy Diab, who is our first Master Trainer in Brazil, to lead two Phase 4 trainings (“The Book of Acts and Multiplying Viral, Missional, Church Planting Movements”) in previous cities, and a Phase 1 training (“Romans as a Life Transformation and Missional Impact Map”) in a brand new city in Brazil.

Here are just a couple of the exciting results:

Phase 1 in Pernambuco


“The dynamic way I was exposed to the word of God; The way the importance of the book of Acts and Romans were shared; The authenticity of of the Divine Expedition; The encouragement, their willingness, the practicality of how to become a true disciple.”

“I came away with more thirst to evangelize and be a transforming agent for the glory of Jesus Christ.”


As we close out this year, I plan to continue to make my focus Sharon’s care and strengthening. It’s an honor to serve the one who has served our family for 56 years. We hope to close out the year strong in terms of our ministry support too. Thank you for being part of this, and please consider us in your year-end-giving as well as partnering with us in our monthly support as we go in to the New Year.

Speaking of the New Year, trips are planned and we are scheduled to launch GTN Divine Expedition trainings in Nepal, Ruanda, and Ethiopia, as well as continue our trainings in Uganda and Brazil.

One of the most exciting aspects of our ministry, is to see leaders like Moses and Sammy take the initiative to multiply the Divine Expedition trainings in their own countries and to multiply themselves manyfold…as we are seeking to do too.

With gratitude that God is good and gracious at all times and in all circumstances,

Linus and (Yeah!) Sharon

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