The payoff of 50+ years of marriage


As we come to the end of another year, and enter the season of celebrating Christ’s birth, Sharon and I look back at a fruitful year…and a fruitful and grace-filled marriage together… with joy and praise.

The year was filled with  many ministry highlights in Uganda, Brazil, Europe, and here at home, as we saw people come to faith in Jesus as Saviour, grow in their passion and commitment to follow Him more closely, emerge as leaders, and birth new churches, much of which we chronicled in our On Expedition updates.

Woven together with ministry activities is the joy of our family. We were part of a relationship seminar recently and Sharon misspoke, saying we were in the “pay back” years of our marriage. Everyone laughed, as I made sure the people there knew she meant to say “pay off,” not “pay back.” Here are some photos that capture some of our joyful “pay off” moments this year:

Linus III (that Linus Jr and Danielle's first child) turns 1. I love the name!
Linus III…I love that name…turns 1 (with mom Danielle and dad Linus Jr.)!
Little Levi (London and Parker's son) with Grandma Honey (Laina)
Little Levi (London and Parker’s son) with Grandma Honey (Laina)
Sharon's gift (she made it) to little Levi.
Sharon’s gift (she made it) for little Levi.
Imogin (Leslie and Sean's youngest) with a portrait she drew of her grandpa...hey, it does look a lot like me.
Imogen (Leslie and Sean’s youngest) with a portrait she drew of her grandpa…hey, it does look a little like me.


Mason (Kristin and Cory's youngest) with his grandma's (that Sharon) hat
Mason (Kristin and Cory’s youngest), wearing his grandma Sharon’s hat…Styling!
A daughter's Birthday card.
A daughter’s Birthday card to her dad.
Another daughter's card.
Another daughter’s card.
President Stephanie...I'd vote for her.
President Stephanie…I’d vote for her.
A daughter-in-laws note to her mother-in-law.
A daughter-in-law’s note to her mother-in-law.
A daughter's Mother's Day note.
A daughter’s Mother’s Day note.
I'd travel with her anywhere!
On the bus…I’d travel with Sharon anywhere!


Hey, Cayden, what happened to your braces?
Hey, Cayden, what happened to your braces?
3 Linuses in one place, like a thermonuclear reactor
3 Linuses in one place, like a thermonuclear reactor

Thank you for being On Expedition with us as we follow and serve Jesus…and for being part of our extended family.

May God enrich and bless you as you celebrate Christmas and follow Christ into the New Year.

Linus and Sharon

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