Feedback…Brazil, Europe, and the US

DEAR ONES…thank you for praying for and supporting our ministry.

As you know, it is our privilege to serve our Saviour, Lord, and King through Global Training Network. Our two most recent ministry trips were to Brazil, and Europe. Following is some feedback (there was much more, all positive) we received that we hope will encourage you.

In three cities in Brazil, we asked, “What most impacted you from the On Expedition Training?” 

They replied:

From Phase 1  Training (“Romans as a Life and Missional Map”) in Valinhos, Brazil:
Romans Map (Portuguese)
Romans Map (Portuguese)

1- “The love that God generated in each person who was part of this expedition, because that is the proof that you understand the book of Romans, and that is why now you are reproducers (reprodutores). Thank you for being rescuers (resgatadores) and restorers (restauradores)…starting now with this teaching I am more motivated to go forward impacting lives.   ‘Eita Deus!’”

2- “What impacted me most was the teaching that because we were rescued now we need to rescue lives that are lost and far from the paths of God.”

3- “The simple way that I was brought into the book of Romans. It was as if we went on a journey back in time. This is a team of great reprodutores.”

4- “I really loved the dynamic format and the testimonies impacted me a lot. God bless you and your physical family and your spiritual family that sent you around the world. I will wait for your return my brothers in Christ.”

5- “The dynamic approach to study the book of Romans. The examples from your own lives, with biblical comparisons. You are a blessing from God! Thank you for having oriented and taught us. May God continue blessing you abundantly.”

From Phase 2 Training (“Empowering Leaders for Multiplication through Coaching”) in Jacarei, Brazil:

1- “The training was fantastic! It helped me to conquer my shyness and insecurity. God spoke a lot to my heart this week! All of it was marvellous.”

Global Training Network "On-Expedition" Team
Global Training Network “On-Expedition” Team

2- “I learned that I can equip others to find answers for their problem by listening without needing to give answers and direction. I discovered that questions, good questions help others to speak.”

3- “I learned how to relate to people better who need Jesus.”

4- “Talking about real problems really impacted me.”

5- “Courage to be transparent and vulnerable. Opportunity to know people and share with them.”

 From Phase 1 Training (same as above) Recife, Brazil

1- “I prayed on Monday, expressing my desire to talk about Jesus with my dear niece Ellen. Today (Tuesday) she called me to say she was coming to my house. I saw clearly God at work, giving me the opportunity that I had asked him for! And I even had the opportunity to bring her today. Thank you Lord!   To know the book of Romans, and to know the map that takes us on this Divine Expedition of proclaiming the gospel!”

Fun Photo in Recife
Fun Photo in Recife

2- “Jesus being the capsule. Relational evangelism. It was very edifying and I learned a different way to evangelise. A different way to know Romans.”

3- “The clarity of the map of the divine expedition. Using the story of the miners. Tools. The riches at our disposal. Thank you.”

4- “The vision of what is most important in the church: to reach people for Jesus. Jesus wants all of us to be rescuers.”

5- “Right at the beginning on Saturday I was motivated. Why? Because since I am a pastor’s daughter, was born in a Christian home, you think that your testimony isn’t powerful. But I now I realise that my life experience is relevant. God rescued me, and he transformed me. Hearing God’s word taught this way was really worthwhile. From this moment I want to have an impact, to leave my comfort zone, and be light in a wholesome way. It was good  to dream about some objectives that I can aspire to.”

But Wait…There’s more…Here is some feedback from a training we did on “The Greatest Rescue” in France after the Traction “At Risk” missionary retreat:

“Wow God is good. Just a quick update following our meeting Monday.

I just had the most incredible conversation with my (atheist) brother-in-law… an hour of him sharing deep stuff in his heart.

God went before me by setting up our meeting Monday. There is so much evidence of it I can’t even begin to share.

By the end of the conversation I was in tears (of joy) and we were telling each other we loved each other.

He opened his heart and God showed me the place of all the anguish and pain and darkness. And HE whispered to me, “I am here.” For the first time in 11 years I have a hope that God is pursuing Jonathan and that God is preparing a place for His message to be received.

Thank you so much for all of your encouragement and faithfulness, —D.

Here’s one more:

“I am deeply grateful for the window of time you had for us.

Through you there came a part from Christ which I lost by being busy.

Thank you for having shared your stories.

It really helped me to seeing again the bigger picture…the mission.

As many times before ( but this time especially), I was blessed by your openness. Thanks for being real…it helps me to grow…and wanting to grow more.

You have continued to sow in our hearts…the seeds have fallen on good ground.

Love, —B.

There is yet much more—but for now it is our turn to say thanks to you for making all of the above possible.

Because of His great grace and your investment in our lives,

Linus and Sharon

P.S. Please include us in your year-end (and monthly) giving…and pray for upcoming trainings in Uganda, South Sudan, southern Brazil, and central Brazil in the first quarter of 2016.


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