“What do you do in your spare time?”


Well, one of things I do when not traveling, speaking, and training is I write and edit training manuals such as the one below. In that past month or so, Phil Graf and I have gone back and forth, editing material from our most recent trainings. Each time we train, we revise our training manual to reflect the increasing input of national leaders. Whew, it’s a lot of work.

We are now on our 11th draft of Phase 4, our 12th draft of Phase 2 (“Empowering Leaders for Multiplication”), and our 17th drafts of both Phase 1 (“Romans as a Life and Misional Map”), and Phase 3 (“Aligning Your Heart with Father-God’s Heart”).

Three weeks before a scheduled training, we send these manuals to the national leaders who will co-train with us,  so that they have time to digest the material we will present (our upcoming training will be is three cities in Uganda from February 5-19).

Here is the Cover Page and Table of Contents for our just edited Phase 4:


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By Linus Morris and Phil Graf…with input from Doug Dorman and indigenous leaders from around the globe

 Published by On-Expedition: www.onexpedition.org


SESSION 1 — Page 5

In Jerusalem (Acts 1:1-26); Four Phases of On-Expedition Training;        4 Purposes of Acts; Leadership and Church Multiplication

SESSION 2 — Page 26

The Witness in Jerusalem (Acts 1:1-6:7); “Church Growth”; Exemplar (Europe); Importance of DNA

 SESSION 3 — Page 43

The Witness of Stephen (Acts 6:8-7:59); Challenges to Missional Movements; Importance of Critical Mass and Nets

 SESSION 4 — Page 61

The Witness of Phillip (Acts 6:8-8:40); Church Planting Movement Plateaus, Breaking Plateaus; Leadership Roles

 SESSION 5 — Page 76

Conversion of Saul/Paul; Beginning of the Gentile Mission (Acts 9-12); Approaches to Evangelism; Harvest Principles

 SESSION 6 — Page 85

Turning Point of Acts; The Conversion of Cornelius…and Peter…(9:32-12:24); Paul’s First Missional Journey (47-49 A.D./Acts 12:25-14:28); Reaching Cities; Dynamics of Church Planting Movements

SESSION 7 — Page 98

The Jerusalem Counsel; Paul’s Second Missional Journey (Acts 15:1-18:22); The Importance of Team; Overcoming Obstacles to Multiplication; Importance of Development Pathways

SESSION 8 — Page 113

Paul’s Third Missional Journey (Acts 18:23-21:17); Paul and the Ephesians Elders; Approaches to Church Planting; Exemplar (Ggaba)

 SESSION 9 — Page 129

The Church at Syrian Antioch (Acts 13); Structure Your Church and Movement for Growth

 SESSION 10 — Page 137

The Church at Thessalonica (Acts 17:1-8; 1st and 2nd Thessalonians); Exemplars/Case Studies (Soroti/Rukungiri/India/Brazil)

 SESSION 11 — Page 143

Acts 29; Certificates of Completion (Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4); Church Multiplication—to the Ends of the Earth


Our training workshops, as the heading suggests, are done in Workshop (not lecture) format, and are biblically-based, interactive, and practical. Each time we present one of our phases, national leaders take an increased role, until they are doing all the training of that phase.

Please pray as we head to Uganda in February and Brazil in April. Here is a photo of some of the friends we were just with whom we have ministered with, including our son and wife Dani (in ministry with Adventure of the Heart).

Ministering on Four Continents
Ministering on Four Continents

Thanks for being “On Expedition” with us. We are believing God for great and mighty things in 2015.

Because He is Great and Mighty,

Linus and Sharon

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