Salt and Light Friends


Sharon and I are half way through a trip to connect with friends and family in the Pacific Northwest. It is a great joy in catching up and hearing from those we have known and ministered to over the years, and hear how they have played out their faith and service to our Lord and Savior, Jesus. Here is a photo collage of some of those we connected with:


Pictured above: Greg K., Dave and Marilyn H., Kent and Myrna M., Paul and Judy W., Phil D., Merrill and Carole R., John and Paula R., Rod and Ruth S., Steve and Myrna A., Dale P., Gary and Chris C, Mark P and Mike K. Can you find our daughters Kristin and Stephanie, and grandson Mason in the photos?

(Others we connected with who are not pictured are: Maynard and Linda M., Linda K., Tom C., John and Marsha M., Janice F., Kristy K., Patti P., Pastors Rob, Russ, and Mike. Still to come on the remainder of our trip: Dan, Dave, Brian, Mark, Lyn, Dennis, Jean, Kevin, Karla, Bruce, Andrea, Vince, Jeff, Denise, Jack, and Margie.)

Most are followers of Jesus who were engaged in our ministry over the years (a few were not-yet Christ followers, making for some interesting conversations). We loved being with each and every one, and were especially impressed with the way our believing friends have been salt and light, as Christ commanded.

They spoke of involvements for Christ in church, in ministry, in business, at home, in neighborhood, and in community. They spoke of taking short-term mission trips, leading Bible studies, and leading others to a relationship with our Savior Jesus. Paul and Judy W. told us that on one of their missionary trips with Open Doors (Brother Andrew) they had to assume fictitious names so were known as “Paul and Judy Morris.”


Within one twenty-four hour period, we had meals with three different couples whose weddings I officiated or spoke at.

Mike and Vanessa

 Mike and Vanessa were the most recent to be wed. I met Mike when we were on staff at Calvary Community Church together. We subsequently traveled together to Russia before he joined the staff of Christian Associates to lead their Eastern Europe work.

Rod and Ruth

Rod and Ruth were students at UCLA when Sharon and I were involved in Campus ministry there. Rod traveled with our basketball ministry and I was privileged to preside over their wedding before Rod went on to graduate school. Rod has since become a Professor at Seattle Pacific University, and was recently selected as the faculty person of the year.

John and Paula

We met John his senior year in high school when he became part of a Bible study I led in our home. He went on to Medical school in England and is now a practicing doctor in Seattle. Paula consults with various organizations. Together they have gone on medical missions trips to Kenya, Benin, Ghana, Guinea, and Honduras.


Three of those we met with who were part of our ministry have authored books I highly recommend:

Book #1 – “Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Conviction” by Greg Koukl (available at

Greg leads a ministry and radio show called “Stand to Reason.” His book and other materials are excellent for giving a defense for our faith (apologetics).

(P.S. Greg gave me a copy of his book the day we left for the Northwest. He wrote in it: “To Linus who helped lay the foundation for me. Thanks.”)

Book #2 – “One Heartbeat Away” by Gary Covington (available at

Gary has been a professional scuba instructor and is now an environmental health inspector. His book is a very clear overview of what Scripture says will happens when we die.

(P.S. Gary wrote in the copy he gave us: “Linus and Sharon, You have been and continue to be an inspiration to us. Praise God for your faithful service for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” Thanks.)

Book #3 – “Sowing Teachable Moments: Memorable and Interactive Lessons to do with Children to help them Remember God’s Truth” by Kent McClain (part of a series available at

Kent has served as a pastor, children and family life minister, youth director, Christian school superintendent, teacher, coach, parent, and now grandparent. By the way, Destinee Media was started and is led by Ralph McCall, another friend, former student, and basketball ministry team member.

(P.S. Kent wrote in the copy he gave us: “To Linus and Sharon. Great believers to say the least.” Thanks.)


In September I will travel to Switzerland to participate in a retreat called “Traction” led by Daniel Hahn to help “at risk missionaries” (living and ministering in Muslim and communist countries). Sharon will accompany me as I speak in two churches we helped start in France.

In October, Phil Graf, Doug Dorman, Mark-Phifer-Houseman and I will travel to four cities in Brazil to conduct our On-Expedition workshops designed to multiply viral, missional, church planting movements.

Please pray for us as we travel, speak, and train.

Rejoice with us for our salt and light friends around the globe.

Join with us as we seek and encourage others to be “steadfast, immovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord… (1 Corinthians 15:58).’

With great gratitude,

Linus and Sharon

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