He’s Here!



Both parents and four grandparents are ecstatic. The little guy made it into the world of humans before the watching eye of the God of all goodness and glory at approximately 1pm on July 18th in the 2014th year of our Lord and Savior Jesus.

Linus John Morris III
Linus John Morris III

Sharon and I received a text at midnight that Linus Jr. and wife Danielle were headed to the hospital. We prayed and drifted back off to sleep. Linus and Dani had opted not to know the baby’s sex until the birth, so our guess was that it was going to be a girl (our first four were girls). Much to our surprise, we received the following text at 1:30 pm on Friday: “Linus John Morris the third is born.”


In a world where so many babies are discarded before they are ever born, or abandoned or abused afterward, little Linus John the third is cherished, not only by his parents but by his four grandparents (and lots of other friends and family too).

Loving Parents
Loving Parents

Sharon and I were friends with Dani’s mom and dad, Cari and Pierre, long before Linus Jr. met Dani. They love our son and we love their daughter, and we all love this new little one.

Loving Grandparents too!
Loving Grandparents too!

As Linus and Dani entered the hospital, they were met by a wonderful nurse who guided them to the delivery room. When she found out Linus Jr’s name (and that of his father and soon to be son), she remarked that both her father and brother were named Linus—albeit Linus Earl Washington. She added that her brother planned to name his first-born son Linus as well.

Wow, the name is spreading.

Linus, Linus, and Linus
Linus, Linus, and Linus

I have always been proud of my name as I was named after my grandfather (alas, last name Judd), who was named after the Roman friend of Paul’s in 2 Timothy 4:21 by his Quaker parents. What an honor it is to pass that name along and have my son do the same with his son.

We praise God for a healthy baby…and for each and all of our children and grandchildren. We praise God for each of you as well.


Linus and Sharon

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  1. Hooray and praise our Lord for Linus III ! What a wonderful family he’s entered. Love, Lynn and Dag

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