Five women I will be with in heaven

CARRIE MAINES — She prayed for me.

Carrie was Sharon’s grandmother on her mother’s side. I first met her after I married Sharon, and before I was a Christian. I remember the time she scolded me because of the harsh way I spoke to Sharon saying, “LINUS, YOU SHOULDN’T TALK TO YOUR WIFE THAT WAY!” I accepted her rebuke. I found out after I opened my like to Christ that she had been praying for me every day to become a Christian. Not only that, but she prayed for Sharon (as well as her other grandchildren) every day until her death at 101. Here is a photo that was taken at her 100th birthday.

Five generations of first borns, re-borns

THELMA MASON — She put up with me.

Sharon’s mom tolerated me because of the way I treated Sharon, but Jesus changed me and Thelma came to love me, and I her. Sharon and I just returned from celebrating Sharon’s mom’s life with family, as Thelma died recently at the age of 96. Sharon’s tribute to her mom is below.

SHARON MASON (MORRIS) — She married me.


LAINA (MORRIS) GRAF — She impresses me.

As do all five of our daughters and one son.

CHELSEA GRAF — She delights me.

As do all seven of our granddaughters and seven grandsons. We are excited that the tie will be broken in July as Linus Jr and wife Danielle are expecting their first.

I am grateful to have all of these as part of my journey with Christ,


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