“Are you getting it?”

Screen Shot 2013-12-02 at 12.28.27 PMThis was a phrase frequently used by one of our trainees now turned Lead Trainer in Uganda. Our goal has been to turn participants in our four-phase On-Expedition Training into lead-presenters toward the goal of “multiplying viral, missional, church-planting movements.” It is happening! They are getting it!

The pathway for leadership multiplication is that each trainee is a Participant the first time we present one of the four phases of our training. The second time we present that phase (in a new city with new participants) the participant becomes a Contributor. At that stage we call on them to share insights they gleaned from the previous Phase-1 training.

The third time we present Phase 1 (third trip, third city, new participants), the trainee becomes a Co-Presenter. We provide them with a Phase 1 Training Manual and let them choose which sections they feel comfortable presenting.

During our just concluded fourth training trip to Uganda, our trainees and the trainees they are now training presented all of Phase 1. Phil Graf’s and my role was merely to coach them. It was amazing. They are “getting it.” We are now moving them to become Lead Presenters in Phases 2, 3, and 4.

Here are some of our Ugandan, now Phase 1 Lead-Presenters:


Moses was one of 13 children from a father who had four wives (actually Moses’ mother was a mistress and not married to Moses’ father). Moses mom gave him up at two-months-old for his grandparents to raise. They both died by the time Moses was nine, and he ended up alone, destitute, and feeling unwanted. He came to faith in Jesus, grew in his faith, and became part of the leadership of Ggaba Community Church in Kampala. He spent three years as a missionary to Northern Ireland before returning to Uganda, where he now leads the Fellowship of Community Churches.


Chris is gifted in evangelism and church planting, and has now completed our Phase 1 training as a Lead Presenter. He planted a church Gulu, in the north of Uganda, and handed it off to another leader name Martin who is working his way through our training. Chris works closely with Moses and of course Pastor Peter who is the overall leader of Ggaba Community Church, the Fellowship of Community Churches, and Africa Renewal Ministries.


Michael ran 70 miles from an abusive father who was beating him and threatening to kill him. He ended up in a Catholic orphanage and became a Christian as a teenager. He returned home after news of his father’s death, following the death of his older brothers due to AIDS. Michael survived several attempts by his stepmother to poison him to keep him from inheriting his father’s land, as the now eldest surviving son. Michael was a Co-Presenter in our last Phase 1 training, and will be a Lead Presenter for Phase 1 hereafter.


Jedidiah is the one who teamed with me to talk with Mohammed, which I wrote about in my last letter. Like Michael, he was a Phase 1 Co-Presenter in our just concluded training, qualifying him now to serve as a Phase 1 Lead Presenter. He is a teacher, very bright, and an outstanding artist. When he laughs and smiles, he lights up the room. He is the one who frequently asks, “Are you getting it?”

These are just four of those of those we are training who are now Phase 1 Lead Presenters. Also in the training pipeline from around Uganda are Elisha, Emmanuel, Martin, Julius, and others. Here is an excerpt from an email Elisha just sent:

“Thanks for all your prayer and every support, we are so grateful. I want to plant churches that are missional oriented in every town in this part of the world. So this Bible training center will do a lot to see the realization of this viral, missional, church-planting movement in Uganda and beyond.”

They are “getting it!”

Pray for us as we continue our trainings in Uganda and Brazil with more to come.

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