Multiplying Viral, Missional, Church Planting Movements


Phil Graf (also with Global Training Network) and I have been working on a 3-year training grid designed to “train indigenous leaders, both near and far, to multiply viral, missional, church planting movements.”

Our “On-Expedition” vision is to multiply hundreds of viral, missional church planting movements within cities, regions, and nations. This requires training strategic indigenous leaders to disciple, empower, equip, and multiply others, who will train others, who will train others, who will train others….

Our On-Expedition 3-year/6-phase training grid is designed to accomplish this. We believe that the early church followed this pattern, resulting in the rapid spread of the Christian movement, and that the pattern revealed in the New Testament is trans-cultural.


We have been working closely with the president of Africa Renewal Ministries, Peter Kasirivu in Uganda, who has helped develop the On-Expedition training plan.

Phil, Peter and me

Here is Peter’s response to the training grid we developed:

“Hello Linus and Phil,

I have read through your detailed document and I have to say it is a very well thought out document, which really shows how this whole thing can become a great church planting movement. I do agree with the model and I also feel it is doable. What we now need is to sit together and put these plans on calendar.

As for our ministry here in Uganda, our dream is the rest of Africa, and we have had this passion of starting a city church in all the major capital cities of Africa, which will in turn multiply by reaching that country.

We have also been burdened by the need to have the African church reaching the Muslim countries of the world, with that in mind how can we utilize this training in getting us as a ministry to those two goals? This is something I would love for us to think about.

Can we arrange to talk in the next few days about these things and also nail down the dates for the next training?

God bless you both.


Peter is the kind of proven leader that we want to work with to enhance his desire to multiply leaders and churches that reach not only Ugandans, but also across the borders into neighboring countries. We believe we have found the same kind of leader in South Sudan, a country whose first language is Arabic.


We presented Phase 1 of our training in Uganda, South Sudan, and Kenya last April, so now our On-Expedition Team will follow up in Uganda and South Sudan again this December. We will train  leaders in both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of our training grid. Phil and daughter Chelsea will travel to both countries in October to do some additional training and help set up the December trip, which I will be part of.

Meanwhile, Sharon and I will travel to several cities in Europe in November to teach and train. The foundation of our training is the book of Romans, though we cover much more. Most of all we want to multiply Biblically-based, Christ-centered, grace-oriented, outreach-focused, spiritually-vibrant, culturally-sensitive, and passionately-missional leaders and churches.


We need lots of prayer and we need funding. We are so grateful for those who have participated with us in the past and ask you to continue (or start), as we press on toward the goal to win the prize for which God has called me/us heavenward in Christ Jesus” (Phil 3:15).

Specifically, Sharon and I need to bolster our own monthly support through Global Training Network (please ear-mark “for Linus and Sharon Morris”), as well as raise another $15,000 for our December travel and training in Africa (please designate  through GTN: “for Morris/Graf Africa” training). The Africa training expense breaks down as follows:

  • Kampala Phase 2 workshop – $2,600
  • Gulu Phase 1 workshop – $3,200
  • Juba Phase 2 workshop –$3,200
  • Graf travel, lodging, meals – $3,000
  • Morris travel, lodging, meals – $3,000

Please let us know if you have any questions or wish to see a copy of the 3-year training grid.

With gratitude to our Savior-King, and to you.

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