The Divine Expedition Seminar

The “beta test” of the Divine Expedition Seminar met with positive responses too. It is a four-session seminar with lots of interaction and a view toward inspiring people to engage in the greatest expedition of all time unfolded in the book of Romans.

Here is some of the feedback I received from the Divine Expedition Seminar I led in Myrtle Beach, SC:

Rachel: “The seminar was a compelling, God-led, informative study both to serve as a personal framework, and as material to share. So many points for God to speak through to individuals. Wonderful, convicting. encouraging, and inspiring. Thank you!

Rick: “Great expedition! Thank you for guiding us! Appreciated the videos/music. As an artist, I appreciated the Van Gogh reference.”

Doug S.: “Is there a next stage of the Divine Expedition training?”

Janet:  “I love reading about expeditions. Now I realize that I am on one.”

Sherry: “This seminar has been life changing. It gave me the feeling of being connected and roped in with the body of believers, having resources available to help in the transformation process, and seeing where I need to grow in my walk with Christ to continue from the Door to the summit. Thank you for sharing this marvelous journey with us. It is exciting to realize we are on the Divine Expedition. I can’t wait to read the book.”

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