It’s Here!

Linus Jr and I are happy to announce that The Divine Expedition is now in print and available for order.

We believe that it is our God-given design to be on an expedition, and that the greatest adventure of all time is revealed in the Bible in the book of Romans. In it, we are invited to embark upon a Divine Expedition, leading far beyond where we could otherwise journey in life. The Divine Expedition unfolds a life-map to rescue us from spiritual deadness and lead us to the ultimate purpose of our lives. To watch a brief video, introducing the book, click here.


Here is an excerpt from a recent review by the Rutherford Institute:

I have to admit I initially did not know what to expect. I have spent my whole life in the Episcopal/Anglican Church but I have never been one to read Christian-themed books. To me they have always seemed like over-extended versions of the weekly sermon and fail to captivate me like other books so often do.

The Morrises’ book, however, had the completely opposite effect…  [Click here to read more.]


The list price for the Divine Expedition: Where Are You in the Book of Romans? is $16.95. We are offering it on our website at $14.95 plus a $4.95 for shipping and handling. For orders of five or more copies we are throwing in free shipping. To order, click here.

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