By God’s Grace

On my last birthday, Linus Jr gave me the following card:

"Do not go where the PATH may lead; Go instead where there is no path – and leave a trail."

By God’s grace over the years we have left a trail of people who have come to Christ, grown into disciples, and become leaders. We have launched multiple new churches that have done the same.

3 sons, 5 daughters

One of the joys Sharon and I have been privileged to have is to see many changed lives. Bill Betts and Bas van Rhee pictured below are examples.

The Morris family with Bill Betts (far left) and Bas van Rhee (far right)

Bill became a Christian through our daughter Laina in high school, and then lived with us for brief stints  during our stays in Canada and France. Bill is now in pastoral ministry in San Francisco and says that he learned what a family could be like and what it meant to be rooted and grounded in Christ’s love from living with us.

Our “Dutch son” Bas lived with us for two years in Thousand Oaks as a high school student. He is now married with two children and involved in leadership in his local church. Bas recently wrote to us:

“I admire all that you have done for the kingdom, and more specifically in bringing me to the U.S. and providing a way for me to grow in my relationship with God, my love for the Savior and my growth through the Spirit. Thanks to you and Sharon and your family for guiding me early in my journey with Jesus.”

By God’s grace and your prayers and support, we have left a trail for God’s kingdom. By His ongoing grace and your ongoing prayers and support, we will continue to leave a trail for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Thanks for leaving a trail with us.

One thought on “By God’s Grace

  1. Sharon & Linus, wouldn’t Grandma Carrie be proud? I know the Lord is, Conrad & Marie & me definitely are~!

    love to you both,
    in Christ’s unimaginable love & grace,

    margot !

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