The Divine Expedition: Where Are You in the Book of Romans? is getting closer to publication and Linus Jr and I are working on an accompanying workbook, The Divine Expedition Guidebook.. We are gathering endorsements and working on layout and design. Linus Jr is in charge of the latter two items but (understandably) has been a bit distracted (as in the Sharon’s corner article). In addition to getting engaged, he has a Stand Up Paddle Board business and also does the media for a ministry called “Adventures of the Heart.”

We have been seeking endorsements from a variety of sources (globally, regionally, gender, and vocation). Here are three that just came in:

Jane and Peter Hawkins

“Linus and Linus venture into bold territory with their claim that God intended life with Him to be an adventure on par with the greatest expeditions of all time. Their book is an inspiration for people around the world to launch out on their God-given mission to explore, rescue and restore on behalf of an eternal kingdom.”

—Jane Hawkins, Founder
Sampa Community Church
São Paulo, Brazil

“This is a great study on the Book of Romans! I love the expeditionary metaphor! I was freshly inspired at a personal level.”

—Joel Kruggel,
Senior Pastor,
Bethany Covenant Church,
Bedford, NH

Ungars Gulbis teaching in Latvia

“Years ago, as a ‘green’ church planter, I asked Linus Sr. what kept him from burning out in Christian ministry. He answered that it was always going back to and studying the Scriptures. Both he and his son walk that talk! This book is a wonderful expression of the wisdom and experience that come from years of engaging with the powerful, energizing, and Holy Word of God!”

—Ungars Gulbis
Lead Pastor
Riga Reformed Church
Riga, Latvia

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