Serve the City Team in Brussels

This past month and the month ahead have been and will be busy speaking, traveling, and editing. I spoke at the Vineyard Westside (Santa Monica) two Sundays in June and  speak at Living Oaks Church (Thousand Oaks) and Bay Marin Church (San Rafael) in July. I will also participate in the Christian Associates North America Connect July 6-10 in Minneapolis and CA’s Europe Connect August 10-14 in Hungary.

The photo below is of a short-term team from Cedar Mill Bible Church in Portland, Oregon. I played a role in recruiting them to be part of a CA “Serve the City” project in Brussels, and met with them before they left to encourage them. It’s a great team and Serve the City a great way to connect with the community (city), meet people, and show Christ’s love.

Cedar Mill Brussels Team
A Touch of Brussels

“Serve the City” was started by Carlton and Shannon Deal, who also lead “The Well,” a CA church plant in Brussels. Carlton and Shannon are in the back row, second and third from the left.

Another friend serving on this team sent me the following email:

Hi, Linus!
I send greetings to you again here from Brussels where I am part of the Serve the City project!  Carlton & Shannon are doing a great job and our hostel hosts are amazing. I’m sharing a room with 4 ladies (including Linda Taylor) from Cedar Mill Church in Portland, OR.
They’ve been so gracious in accepting me into their fold and treating me as one of their own. Thank you again for suggesting this project to me more than a year and a half ago.  I love it!

In Christ,  Jacqui

It’s exciting to play a catalytic role in seeing God’s kingdom grow and Christ lifted up.

By His grace and strength,

Linus and Sharon

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