Can you believe it: Linus Jr is engaged!

Yes, it’s true, and we are excited. Linus Jr presented Danielle with an engagement ring this past Saturday evening and they have set a date of November 20th to be wed.

Linus and Danni

Danni’s mom and dad, Cari and Pierre Coetzee, are long time friends of ours as Pierre helped us move into our house in Amsterdam in 1987 when we relocated there to start the Crossroads church. Pierre commented, “I never dreamed this 10-year old kid running around would one day be my son-in-law.”

Linus Jr first met Danni when she was visiting her parents in Maui Hawaii. Linus was going there to scout out a men’s retreat and accidentally went to the Los Angeles airport a day early. He misread the date so was baffled when the gate attendant couldn’t find his reservation. When they figured out that his flight was scheduled for the next day, Linus decided


to go ahead and pay the $50 extra (those were the days, today it is four times that amount) to fly that day. It just so happened that Danielle was in Maui as she was scheduled to fly to the mainland the next day for her work. If Linus Jr had flown the day he was scheduled, they would not have met. As a result, they spent the day together and a friendship/courtship began.

Linus Jr. was perplexed at times during the courtship (see picture) but somewhere along the way, he gave his heart away to Danielle.

One happy family

We have so enjoyed getting to know Danni and will be very glad to have her as our daughter-in-law. We like her parents a lot too.

We hope you will rejoice with us. All of Linus’ siblings are happy with his choice.

3 thoughts on “Can you believe it: Linus Jr is engaged!

  1. Linus, Joe Here… I’m so happy for you both. 50 years, your boy married to an amazing woman and a new branch of ministry.. I will be thinking and praying for you this weekend…..We wanted so to go but our life is very full for us here.. and that’s a good thing…I’m sure Joey is smiling down on his good friend on his big day… Give Linus JR and Danni a big hug from Karen and I
    Love you!

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