Charting the course

The Mission is about our desire to see a viral movement of churches that reach people with the good news of Jesus, become disciples/followers of Him, and then reproduce leaders and churches that do the same. My role with Christian Associates is “Missional Catalyst which captures what I do. I want to help catalyze a movement of churches that are Christ centered, Biblically based, grace oriented, spiritually vibrant, outreach oriented, and passionately missional.

I am currently in Europe visiting some of the churches Christian Associates has helped start. I spoke at Mountainview Madrid last Sunday on “Making a Difference in a Wacky World.” It was subtitled, “Will Nebuchadnezzar Be in Heaven? If so, why so?” I’ll include my notes in The Guide category. I am impressed with Mountainview and its leadership, as I am with its sister church Oasis. Both are international churches and both have spawned Spanish-speaking congregations. Next stops: Lisbon, Porto and then back to Madrid for the CA Leadership Summit.

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