Come along for the ride


In case you didn’t notice, Sharon and I did not send out a January Point of Impact newsletter. My last communication was “Merry Redeemermas!” In January we have been working to complete The Divine Expedition: Where Are You In The Book Of Romans manuscript and redesign our newsletter to keep our costs down and use the internet more effectively. Our daughter, Leslie, who is a graphic-designer has been working on this project with us.


The new format will feature three items. The first will be under the category “The Expedition.” This will highlight the theme of The Divine Expedition that the Christian life can be compared to an expedition that each of us is meant to be on. The outline of this expedition is found in the book of Romans.

The second category will be “The Guide.” This will highlight studies of the Bible. Over the years I have led studies of many of the books of the Bible. The lens I see Scripture through is that the Bible is God’s word to us and is to be read literally (not literalistically), historically and grammatically. Most evangelical scholars believe this, as do I. But I believe that we are to use another lens as well, that we are to read Scripture relationally, redemptively and missionally. First, God is a Person who pursues us that we might be restored to a relationship with Him. Second, He seeks to redeem us and make us His redemptive agents in the world. Third, He calls us to be on mission to rescue, redeem and restore others. As you click on to “The Guide” you will see various books of the Bible through these lens.

The third category is “The Movement.” This will highlight, as have many of our past Point of Impact letters, what God is doing through Christian Associates to reach people for Christ though the multiplication of Christ centered, biblically based, spiritually vibrant, grace oriented, outreach focused, passionately missional churches.


We hope by the beginning of next month (March). It will come as an electronic newsletter (unless you don’t have email, then we will send a letter by post) as Point of Impact in the past. We plan to link it to Facebook too.

Meanwhile, pray for a speedy completion for the new newsletter format, for the publication of The Divine Expedition and for my  upcoming travels to speak on the east coast, some of the CA church plants in Europe and for the CA Leadership Summit in March in Madrid.

Because of the King and His kingdom,

Linus and Sharon

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