Divine Expedition: Recent and What’s Next

Phase 2 in San Salvador (Aligning our Hearts with Father God’s Heart)

We are praising God for the way our Divine Expedition training is multiplying out. We began our training in El Salvador just before the Pandemic in 2020 shut things down. We followed up with a Zoom training refresher and then resumed in person training again earlier this year. Here is a photo from the training in February.

The leaders we have trained in Brazil (and the leaders they have trained…and the leaders they have trained) recently completed a GTN Divine Expedition training in June in Rio de Janeiro.

Rio de Janeiro training.

Our Brazilian Divine Expedition team also just competed a Phase 3 training (Empowering Leaders for Multiplication) in Paverama. I was privileged to be a part of launching the training in this city before the Pandemic, and am praising God that our Brazilian team is carrying it on here and elsewhere in Brazil.

Somebody had to take the photo in Paverama, might as well be pastor Jose 🙂

Our Phase 3 training is designed to equip leaders and churches to reach and help others. We have them practice the practical ministry tools we impart that are part of our Biblically-based, Christ-centered, Outreach-focused training. Here are a couple photos of participants practicing.

Taking turns practicing helping others.
Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.”











El Salvador training in April.

The El Salvadorans will be doing a new Phase 1 and Phase 2 all by themselves in November!!! Our team of Tom, Stan, and Dr. Sharo will be alongside them to help facilitate Phases 3 & 4

Our team of Richard, Tom, Roxy, and Phil will be going to Havana, Cuba in September, where they will present what we call a “Taste N See.” Pastors from all over the country will gather to experience parts of each of the four Divine Expedition Phases. On Sunday, the team will speak in three different churches.

At the end of September and the beginning of October, our team of Litos, Sammy, Dagoberto, and Carlos (all Brazilians) will return to Rio de Janeiro to join Dr. Jane Hawkins to facilitate a DE Phase 4 (The Book of Acts and Multiplying Movements that Reach People for Christ, Make Disciples, Develop Leaders, and Reproduce Churches). They will also acknowledge with a certificate of achievement those who will have completed each of the four Divine Expedition phases of training .

We are excited about what God is doing through these Divine Expedition teams. Plans are underway for trainings to also take place in the months ahead in UgandaEthiopiaNepalArmenia, and possibly Nicaragua.

Team members spreading out to new locations.

When Stan Gerlach and I started our trainings in El Salvador, our very first interpreter was from Guatemala. He has requested since that we start the Divine Expedition training in his home country.

As a result, in November Stan, Dr. Sharo, Umberto, and I will launch the Divine Expedition Phase 1 (Romans as a Life Transformation and Missional Impact Map) in Guatamala. Stan and Dr. Sharo will join the team training in El Salvador, while I travel on to Sao Paulo and Bom Retiro do Sul, Brazil to meet with leaders we have trained there.

Please pray for these teams and trainings. Our vision to equip leaders to multiply movements that reach people for Christ, make disciples, develop leaders and reproduce churches is spreading.

Thank you for being part of it with us.

Because of His great grace,

Linus for the Global Training Network Divine Expedition Team


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