Divine Expedition Life Changes in Brazil


Thats how many trainings (57) our Divine Expedition team has done in 17 cities in Brazil (they spell it Brasil) since 2018. Twenty eight (28) of those trainings have been conducted since the Covid-19 pandemic began in 2020. One result is that there are now 22 Divine Expedition Master Trainers in Brazil, helping conduct the four phases of the Divine Expedition trainings.

Recent Divine Expedition Training in Rio de Janeiro


During a Phase 1 training in Sao Paulo, one participant (Priscila) did not want to go out on the evangelism exercise (we actually have people go out to share the Gospel, using the practical ministry tools we train them in). She didn’t want to go because her husband hadn’t returned home for days and she was discouraged.

Priscila decided, however, to participate in the evangelism exercise out of obedience, and while she was sharing the gospel on the street, her husband passed by, heard her sharing the Gospel, and thought “I need to change my life.” Soon after, he gave his life to Jesus. Today, after three years, they are ministering together as a team to share Christ with others.

Priscila says that through the Divine Expedition training, Jesus Christ changed her life and her marriage. She and her husband have just completed Phase 3 of our training and have been invited to be part of the Sao Paulo Divine Expedition team.


Two couples met and were subsequently married though the Divine Expedition trainings. Here they are:

Juliana and Carlos
Eliane and Rod


I’ll save the story about the transformation of Danilo after our Phase 2 training in Sao Paulo, what happened to his VIP, and his transition into Heaven…until my next On Expedition update…our recent trainings in El Salvador too.

Until then, thanks for being “On Expedition…with Jesus with us” (what we call our Ministry Updates), and for making our Divine Expedition Training with Global Training Network (GTN) possible by your partnership with us. Lives are being transformed and the Gospel is spreading. What a joy and privilege to be part of it.

Because of His great grace,

Linus for the GTN Divine Expedition Team


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