2021-2022 — Multliplicandemic


I can’t say it any better than Phil Graf (son-in-law, co-designer of the Divine Expedition training, and fellow Global Training Network staff member):

“Although the pandemic caused many restrictions on international travel, it didn’t stop local trainings. In each country where we have raised up Master Trainers, they have facilitated without us being present. HALLELUJAH!”

Our passion and training is designed to equip national leaders to multiply movements that “reach people for Christ, make disciples, develop leaders, and reproduce churches.” Here is a summary of the multiplication (“multiplicandemic”) of the Divine Expedition training we saw in 2021, and where we are headed in 2022:

Long sleeves are Master Trainers, short sleeves are those in process

Uganda – We pioneered our GTN Divine Expedition training in Uganda and raised up 4 Ugandan Master Trainers. A number of new churches have been launched as a result of our training and and we hope to see the number of Master Trainers double in 2022!

Some of the new Brasilian Master Trainers

Brasil – We just commissioned 9 new Master Trainers totaling 22 and an additional 16 Lead Trainers with another 55 Trainers in process. The Brasilians (they spell Brasil with an s) just concluded several DE trainings in Rio de Janeiro.

Nepal – We have 3 Master Trainers and by God’s grace hope to see that number triple in 2022, as Covid subsides.

Mark, (Gayll in back), and Ethiopian leaders.

Ethiopia – Unfortunately, the civil war in Ethiopia rages on. Please pray for peace in Ethiopia, for the Tigrayan people, and for our ministry partners there. Our team members Mark and Gayll Phifer-Houseman found a window to travel and minister there this past year, and we hope to resume and complete the 1st round of trainings (all four phases) and raise up Ethiopian Master Trainers in 2022!

El Salvador – We were able to conduct a Zoom training with El Salvadorans, as well as an in-person training in 2021. Another team is ready to complete our 1st round of trainings from January 31-February 8. Our goal is to raise up Master Trainers by the end of 2022!

El Salvador DE Team planning over dinner

Phoenix, AZ – In February, we are gathering each of the National Directors and some of their team members that we have been working together with from the countries above. They will attend the Global Training Network Leadership Summit, and then the GTN/Divine Expedition gathering to pray and discuss the continued multiplication of the Good News of Jesus and the Divine Expedition training.

Serbia – At the conclusion of the gathering in Phoenix, Dr. Mike Davis, Dr. Sharo Raissi, and Phil will travel to Belgrade, Serbia to begin Phase 1 of the DE training in Novi Sad. Earlier in 2021, Phil presented an overview of our training (a “Taste and See”) to 23 pastors and leaders.

Armenia – Immediately following the Serbia training, Mike, Sharo and Phil will travel to Yerevan, Armenia to meet with pastors. Please pray as they cross over into the Republic of Artsakh in the mountainous region of Karabakh and explore with leaders how the Divine Expedition might be used to spread the Good News of Jesus in that part of the world.

Your prayers (and support) bring the power of God to bear on our ministry with Global Training Network.

Because of His great grace and mighty power,

Linus and Sharon for the Divine Expedition team

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