Our six children surprised Sharon and me with an afternoon birthday celebration and early dinner party almost two weeks ago. They only told us about it after they sent out invitations (if you didn’t get one it might have gone to your junk mail as it was sent from “Morris Kids”).

Thirty of the ninety people who attended were our extended family members pictured here:

Included are our six children, eleven of our sixteen grandchildren (one more expected in May), three sons-in-law, a daughter-in-law, four spouses of grandchildren (one got married the weekend before), four of our eight great-grandchildren (one more expected in June), and a partridge in a pear tree (Oh, wait, that is me). Unfortunately, Sharon was in the house resting and missed the photo. Our daughter Leslie is going to photo-shop her in :-).

Just before the sit-down dinner, our daughter Leslie showed a video she put together overviewing our years of marriage and ministry:

An honor to honor her.

While I felt honored, my greatest joy was being able to honor Sharon just before dinner about the role she has played in so many lives—including mine. Over the years, because of her hospitality, we have had people live with us from Germany, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Holland, and of course many from the U.S., staying for periods of a few days, a few weeks, a few months, and even several years. In the link below, I read notes from two of those who lived with us and subsequently wrote us to say how much Sharon meant to them during their time with us.

Sharon has impacted so many in our years of our marriage and ministry. If you would like to hear my comments about her and the notes I read, click here (seven minutes):


Another highlight for me was the presence and comments of so many friends, GTN president Paul Madson, his wife Lisa, and Josh Kienzle GTN’s Director of Operations who traveled from Phoenix to honor us, and the emails and video clips of appreciation we received. During the evening, I was struck with how Sharon and I have just been two threads in a beautiful tapestry made up of many others who have walked along side of us, prayed for us, partnered with us, encouraged us, and been the friends and family each of us needs to go forward with faith, vision, and courage in this broken world. Here is a photo of some of those who attended the gathering.

Just before the presentation and dinner.

To sum up the evening, I couldn’t say it better than friends Bill and Gigi:

“Hey Linus. One word for the bash: magical!” (Bill)

“Dear Linus and Sharon, Words don’t really express how we felt celebrating with you!!  So blessed to be among fellow believers and friends.  Thank you for including us!!  Just incredible.” (Gigi)

And to all who have prayed, partnered, and walked with us as we have sought to lift up our Lord Jesus Christ: THANK YOU.

Overflowing with thankfulness for Christ and for you (Colossians 2:6),

Linus and Sharon

P.S. Next up for our GTN Divine Expedition Training: El Salvador, Serbia, and Rio de Janeiro.

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