They Did Great!


In preparation for a return to El Salvador to resume our Divine Expedition training, we put together two, two-night workshops using Zoom. Our purpose was to review the first two phases of our training as a refresher for those who had been through these phases before Covid halted our travel. We are looking forward to revving our in-person training, but meanwhile we are moving forward with a great group of El Salvadorians.

Pastor Tim

In addition to 30+ El Salvadorians, several from the US and a couple from Mexico joined us. Here is the comment from Tim Holt, a long time friend and pastor:

“Last night, as I participated in a Zoom call to sit in on part 2 “Romans As a Life & Missional Map” training, I was struck by the beautiful El Salvadoran people participating.
Watching, participating, with other brothers & sisters, pastors, church leaders, etc. from another culture and part of the world, is very touching to me. Thank you to Linus Morris Phil Graf & all the others. Your commitment, passion, attention, selfless service is obvious. And the biggest thing, it’s paying off.
By the way, if you have not read Linus’s & Linus Jr.’s ‘The Divine Expedition – Where are you in the book of Romans?’ you should.”
Stan: Businessman, NO BS BSER, evangelist, Divine Expedition trainer and friend.

Our connector to El Salvador was Stan Gerlach, a businessman with a heart for evangelism. Stan had traveled to El Salvador and preached at several universities. Because of his connections we began our training there in 2019.

Since then, Stan has become one of the Divine Expedition trainers on his way to becoming what we call a Master Trainer. He is also a part of the NO BS BS that I lead (we function collaboratively). Stan did several segments of the Zoom training…AND DID GREAT.


Two other fellow American DE trainers were Tommy Vos, a fire station captain, and Mike Davis a college professor. BOTH DID GREAT.

Phil Graf and I, pictured in the little clips above the Zoom photos of our presenters, made cameo appearances but were there to coach the other presenters.

Our goal is to “entrust to reliable men [and women] the Divine Expedition training (based upon Scripture with a missional emphasis) who will be qualified to teach others…who will teach others who will teach others….
In our Phase 1 training we walked through the book of Romans with an emphasis on Practical Ministry Tools. 

Two more presenters (WHO ALSO DID GREAT) were El Salvadorians Roxy Melendez (also our interpreter) and Daysi Cabrera. Both have been through our Phase 1 training in El Salvador twice, so are what we call “Co-presenters.” Did I mention THEY DID GREAT :-).

One of the exciting things for Phil and me (and other Master Trainers) is to see national language presenters take on more and more of the training. As they do, it speeds up the training as we then train in one language rather than two.

The next time we travel to El Salvador (October or November God willing), even more of the training will be done in Spanish, as more of those pictured below will also step into the presenting role.
One of the two pages of Zoom participants.
As more El Salvadorians become trainers, we envision the Divine Expedition multiplying out in El Salvador, as well as across borders into other countries.
Thanks for participating with us on the Divine Expedition and our ministry with Global Training Network (GTN), as we seek to preach Christ and advance the Gospel near and far. By the time you receive this we will have completed the second of our two trainings (Phase 2).
With great gratitude for our risen Savior,
Linus and Sharon for the growing GTN Divine Expedition team

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