Multiplication: 3-3s in 3-3s, 35+ in 19, and 100 in 5

Nepal Brazil and Ethiopia: 3-3s in 3-3s

Just before my recent trip to Ethiopia, I received a phone call from Pastor Samir (“Sammy”), our Divine Expedition Training National Director in Brazil, telling me that he and his Brazilian team were beginning a Phase 3 training in the northern Brazilian city of Recife. On his team was Pastor Moses, who directs our Divine Expedition training in Uganda.

Brazil Training and Trainers

Our Phase 3 training is called Empowering Leaders for Multiplication. Just after my conversation with Sammy, Phil Graf texted me from Nepal saying  that he and his team were finishing a Phase 3 in Kathmandu.

Three Nepali Master trainers with new presenters

Upon arriving in Ethiopia, our Global Training Network team led another Phase 3 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. We also led a Phase 1 (Romans as a Life Transformation and Missional Impact Map). I was excited to see the Ethiopians we have been training lead the entire training.

GTNers, Mark and Gayll Phifer-Houseman coaching our Ethiopian trainers

How ironic that all three Phase 3 trainings about Empowering Leaders for Multiplication is exactly what was happening: 3-3s in 3-3s (3 Phase 3s in 3 languages, 3 countries, and 3 continents)!

35+ in 19…2019, That Is

2019 was a productive year for our our Divine Expedition training. Overall, we conducted 35+ different (Phases 1, 2, 3, and 4) trainings in Brazil, Nepal, Ethiopia, Uganda, and El Salvador.  Our overall goal is to multiply movements that reach people for Christ, make disciples, develop leaders, and start new churches. To accomplish this, we are equipping leaders who are equipping leaders who are equipping leaders who…. In the photos above you can see that  this is happening.

Pastor Sammy reported that the Divine Expedition team in Brazil has now grown to 41 Trainers, 11 of which are Master Trainers. Amazingly the Brasilian team has already completed 19 Divine Expedition Trainings in 2019 alone! How wonderful to see the movement grow in Brazil so far since our first training in Brazil in April 2012.

100 in 5

Eight days after my return from Ethiopia, Sharon and I traveled to Phoenix, Arizona for the Global Training Network (GTN) 15th-year anniversary celebration. I was privileged to be one of the presenters at the anniversary celebration (see below).

GTN began in 2004 and in 15 years has grown to 130 staff, who are training in 80 countries. GTN’s president Paul Madson presented the vision to expand GTN’s training to 100 countries in the next five years.

Proof that I can dress up when needed…yes, that’s a sport coat and tie :-).

This vision includes training another 50,000 pastors and leaders in these five years. This is in addition to the estimated 300,000 leaders GTN has trained in the past fifteen years. Multiply that by 100, as it is estimated that for every pastor or leader trained an additional 100 people are impacted.


We are excited to be part of the GTN vision with our Divine Expedition training and multiplication. Pray for Phil Graf who is currently training leaders in Uganda, and  pray for the Divine Expedition trainings scheduled Brazil, Nepal, El Salvador, and  Ethiopia in the first three months of the New Year.

Thank you for your prayers and partnership, which have made our ministry with Global Training Network and our Divine Expedition trainings possible.

Jesus said “This is to my Father’s glory, that you bear much fruit….” (John 15:8). The key is to abide in Jesus. We have sought to do so in 2019 and will continue to strive to do so in 2020. Thank you for doing so too.

With much gratitude,

Linus and Sharon

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