Salvación in San Salvador in El Salvador


Friend Stan Gerlach and I traveled to San Salvador the capitol of El Salvador in Central America to launch the Global Training Network Divine Expedition training. I was really drafting behind Stan who has traveled and ministered there for many years, and organized our Phase 1 training.

Over 100 El Salvadorans were present (many were pastors) as we walked through “The Divine Expedition: Where Are you in the Book of Romans?”

The Divine Expedition training is actually a workshop. We take people through the text of Romans but draw out Practical Ministry Tools. We look at not only what the apostle Paul says but what he does and is seeing to equip the church in Rome to do. We then communicate those things in a participative, workshop way, using flip charts, personal discovery, and group interaction.

Half the room of participants doing an exercise.

Things become electric during the training exercises. One of the participants exclaimed “We’ve never had a training like this.


Part of our training is to actually go out (twice) and share the Good News of Jesus with people in the surrounding area. In doing so they practice the Practical Ministry Tools covered so far. One of these is called “The Greatest Rescue.”

We asked the training participants after they returned to raise their hands if they were able to pray with someone (some more than one) to receive Christ or rededicate their lives to Christ. The response was amazing as you can see in the photo below.

Response to outreach (I think the guy front row right was sad he didn’t get to pray with anyone 🙂

I went out with an interpreter as well and got to interact with three young men, who were working in an auto repair shop (they were waiting for their next job). After and hour-and-a-half of answering questions, talking about the grand story of Scripture, and presenting the Good News of the Greatest Rescue of Jesus, I asked each if they believed in their hearts and were willing to confess verbally (Romans 10:9-10) that Jesus was the Lord who came down to rescue them and that God raised Him from the dead. Each said yes.

Two of the three with translator on the right.

We then gathered in a circle, held hands, and prayed. I prayed and each of them prayed after me a simple prayer of invitation to invite Jesus to enter their lives, take the center place as Lord, forgive their sin, save them, and begin to guide and reveal Himself to them. We gave each of them a copy of the Gospel of John (in Spanish), encouraged them to read through it together, and attend the Bible-believing church that one of them already was attending.

El Salvador Divine Expedition Participants (that’s Stan in the back)


We praise God not only for the response to our training in El Salvador, but also for the recent Divine Expedition training Phil Graf and Jane Hawkins just completed in Nepal (next training there in October), Sammy Diab and the Divine Expedition Brazil team just led in two new cities in Brazil, and the training Mark and Gayll Phifer-Houseman just conducted in Ethiopia (next DE training there in November).

Believing God with you for great and mighty things,

Linus and Sharon

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