It’s taking hold … in Nepal


We just completed three phases of Global Training Network’s Divine Expedition Training in Nepal, and are excited that our training is taking hold and producing fruit. We conducted Phases 1, 2 and 3, one in each of the three districts of Kathmandu. We began with Phase 1 (Romans as a Life Transformation and Missional Impact Map) in the district of Kathmandu (same name as the overall city).

Divine Expedition Phil Graf making point…we have fun during the trainings too.

In all our trainings, we emphasize Practical Ministry Tools drawn from Scripture. One of these is “The One Sentence Gospel” drawn from Romans 3:21-22. The One Sentence Gospel is “I was lost, Jesus rescued me, and He can rescue you too!” One of the small groups during our “Strategic Planning” session purposed to take the One Sentence Gospel to all 77 districts of Nepal this year.


We conducted Phase 2 (“Aligning Our Hearts with Father God’s Heart”) in a second district of Kathmandu called Bhaktapur. This is a powerful training that deals with wounds inflicted upon us, sometimes by our parents, either intentionally or unintentionally. These wounds are frequently accompanied by lies we internalize as a result (“I am stupid”; “I am unworthy”; and on and on). The message of God’s love and our value is thus distorted.

Phase 2 in Bhaktapur (can you pick out Divine Expedition trainers Phil, Mike, Jane, and me?).

The message of God’s love and value is clearly communicated by Christ. In the words of Romans 5:8,

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us.”

When we grasp this and other Scriptures, it has a powerful impact on our lives. One of our Phase 2 participants spoke of how his father told him he was useless before his father died. He carried a deep wound and bitterness until our Phase 2 training and he was able to forgive him. He said,

“I thought I had forgiven my father but realized that it was wasn’t from the heart. During the Phase 2 training, I forgave him at a deeper level. As I did, tears flowed.”

Another Phase 2 participant was asked about the goal he had set for the ministry he is part of to share the One Sentence Gospel with after he attended a Phase 1 training some months earlier. He responded…

“We did. We would have shared it with 6,000 people but the militant Hindu law restricting public preaching limited us.”

We are praising God for the 3,000 people who heard the Gospel.

Recognize any of the names?

Phase 3 is “Empowering Leaders for Multiplication” and is based on Ephesian 4:11ff. This passage of Scripture teaches that the role of leadership is to prepare God’s people for works of service. All believers are meant to be equipped to minister. Opposite are some of the names of Nepali leaders attending Phase 3 who are being equipped to minister and equip others to do the same.

During our Phase 3 training we heard testimonies from Nepalis about the impact Phases 1 and 2 had on them, and how as a result they led others to Christ, experienced healing from wounds and lies, and grew spiritually. At the end of Phase 3 they spoke of the impact of this phase of training too.


While in Nepal, we met with a group of pastors to talk about rolling out the Divine Expedition training throughout Nepal. The goal is that by training 20% of Nepalese pastors, they will in turn train the other 80%. Here is the photo we took during our meeting:

Nepali pastors (Phil and I tried to stand in the back but were placed up front).

Upcoming trainings are scheduled for Ethiopia, Brazil, El Salvador, Mozambique, and Uganda (and through those we have trained in Uganda, start a church in the South Sudan refugee camp in the north of that country). Additional trainings are also scheduled for Nepal (see schedule below).

Thank you for praying for as. Global Training Network’s Divine Expedition training is taking hold thanks to your prayers and support.

Because of “such great a salvation” (Hebrews 2:3),

Linus, Sharon, and the Divine Expedition team




2 thoughts on “It’s taking hold … in Nepal

  1. Dear Linus Glad to hear things are going well! How long will you be in Napal? Hal and Lana Jones just arrived there. They are in the outback today but online. Gary

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  2. God’s Word will not return to Him void; the Great Commission is being carried out in power and majesty! Reaching, training and re-training for ministry is where it’s at, Linus. Jesus cannot return until every corner of the globe has been reached for the precious Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you, Grandma Carrie ♥ and for the faithfulness of your descendants!!

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