Eternal Royalties


In our last letter (see July On Expedition Update) I wrote about DIVINE RESIDUALS” (a quantity that remains or is left over after an initial investment). In addition to divine residuals, we also receive DIVINE ROYALTIES.”

One definition of a royalty is a sum paid as a compensation for an investment made. Read some of the comments (royalties) below from our trainings in the Brazilian cities of Matao, Valinhos, Jacarei, and Sao Paulo.


Exercise in identifying lies in Matão: Eu Seu (Portuguese for “I am”)

In Matão (a city of 90,000 people), we conducted “Aligning Your Heart with Father God’s heart designed to help people deal with the wound’s, lies, and masks that cripple us spiritually and relationally. Our goal is that participants of our training embrace and experience the truth of God’s Word. Here are several responses:

“What most impacted me was I learned how to release forgiveness and to ask forgiveness of the people I have hurt and offended. I also learned that God loves me regardless of anything.” —Amanda

“Hurt people hurt people. Healed people heal people. I liked the seminar, because I believe I was healed. May God bless this team a lot and may you continue to win souls for Christ.” —Anonymous

“I like so much that you all came; I am already missing you…. These 3 days were incredible; I learned a lot from you, and now I will ask forgivness to the person I have hurt by what I did. But, also he hurt me, and I know that even so he will forgive me too and we will continue to be friends like before. Even though I didn’t get to talk with some of you, I liked everyone, especially Tony, Juliana, Dr. Linus and Felipe (Phil). The part I liked the most was when you talked about releasing forgiveness, and when you talked about living an adventure. May you go with God, and come back in 2018 and 2019.” —Jhenyfer


In Valinhos (120,000 people) we also conducted our Phase 2 training, “Aligning Your Heart with Father God’s.” One of our exercises is to have people cross out the lies they identify, and write instead the truth of God’s word like “Intelligent” (“Inteligente”) instead of “Stupid” (“Burro”), as in the photo below.

Aligning with Father God’s heart…renouncing the lie and claiming the truth of God’s Word.

Here are just a couple comments we received:

“To understand the formula: wounds + lies + agreements + vows = masks. This is going to change my whole life. To rescue people. Hurt people hurt people. Healed people heal people.”   —Claudio

“For many years I hid in caves because of my neediness. I thought that “I couldn’t.” I thought that I had no purpose, that I had no ministry. But in this cave I was drowning in sin and I ended up destroying myself. Today I understand who I am; I was chosen in the womb of my mother before she knew she was pregnant. She drank a lot of tea to provoke a miscarriage. But she didn’t manage it. I, because of my story of life, was needy and I felt alone, but today I know who I am: Beloved Son, Chosen for a Purpose!” — Guilherme

“What impacted me most was how I received my smile back again. You led me to have healing from my wounds, and removed a huge weight from me.” — Anonymous


Guess who is taking the photo in Jacarei?

We conducted our Phase 4 training on “the Book of Acts and Multiply Church Planting movements” in Jacarei (population over 225,000). When asked “What most impacted you?” here are a few of the responses:

“My name is Cida… I am so grateful to God for bringing you again to our church, because I had been really sad and discouraged, wanting to give up. Eliane prayed for me on Sunday when I came early to the service, and Luciaona asked for me to serve that night, so I came and then I ran into you all. It was a renewal. I felt rescued and in these four days I was restored, and now I have the confirmation that I am a beloved daughter of God, loved by Jesus and everyone. I love you. Thank you so much to all of you and to Jesus.”

[Note: Cida got up at 4 AM to work early at one job cleaning offices, then went to the next one all day, so she could come at night, when she usually cleans office]

“For me it was important because I saw the importance of the book of Acts. I had never studied Acts in that way. Sometimes when I read it it was only about the story of the church, but now it is different! Thank you for your explanation. I love Divine Expedition!!!” —Vagner

“I was so tired, and I almost gave up on going, but thanks to God I am here and I could receive this tremendous material about the power that we have to make a difference in the lives of other people: rescuing, restoring, empowering. It was a fantastic odyssey of Paul, and I want to be able to write the chapter of Acts 29. Thank you.” — Chique

São José dos Campos

Divine Expedition Brazilian trainers in São José

In São José (700,000 population), we conducted “Romans as a Life and Mission Map.” This is our base line training that provides a biblical framework for life transformation and missional impact.

“I like the part of evangelism, because I never did it before since I gave my life to Christ. We see that it is possible to talk about the gospel and not be a boring person.” —Anonymous

“The course is practical, dynamic and very clear. I loved the panorama of Romans.” —Anonymous

“I’ve been in ministry 22 years; I’ve done Contagious Christian (Willow Creek) and Evangelism Explosion and this is by far the best training/seminar I’ve ever seen. Where can I go to experience it from start to finish?” —Pastor Kelner


We believe the “Divine Royalties” above are being credited to your divine account as you partner with us, as the Apostle Paul speaks in Philippians 4:17 of “what may be credited to your account.”

Paul also says in 2 Corinthians 4:7:

“But we have this treasure in jars of clay to show that this all-surpassing power is from God and not from us.”

Each time we do a training we know we need and ask God for His empowerment, guidance, and provision. Over and over again we experiences these.

Thank you for being part of all of this with us.

Because of His great grace,
Linus and Sharon for the Global Training Network Divine Expedition team

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