4 Generations of Leaders…Our Mandate


“And the things you (Timothy—Leadership Generation #2) have heard me (Paul—Leadership Generation #1) say in the presence of many witnesses (potential Generation #2s) entrust to reliable men (Others—Leadership Generation #3) who will also be qualified to teach others ( Yet Others—Leadership Generation #4).”

Paul’s mandate to Timothy was for the development and multiplication of four generations of leadership. Global Training Network (GTN) believes this is our mandate too. Thus, our GTN On-Expedition training is designed to develop four generations of leaders…and more. To do this we coach national leaders to progress from Participants, to Contributors, to Co-Presenters, to Lead Trainers in each of our four phases of training.

Our ultimate objective is to see these leaders train others, who will train others, who will train others to see the multiplication of Viral, Missional, Disciple-making, Leadership-developing, church planting movements (that’s the longer version…whew, what a mouthful).


In our last On Expedition update, we (Phil Graf and I—Leadership Generation #1) celebrated with four Ugandans (Moses, Chris, Michael, and Jedidiah—Leadership Generation #2) who have progressed from Participants, to Contributors, to Co-Presenters, to Lead Trainers in each of the four phases of our On-Expedition training. These four are now Master Trainers, training others to train others to train others. I would be remiss if I didn’t mentioned the catalyst who brought our training to his network of churches in Uganda: Pastor Peter Kasirivu (Peter is definitely Leadership Generation #1) .

One of the cities where we have conducted our training is the western Ugandan city of Rukungiri where pastors Elisha and Mbusa (Elisha and Mbusa—Leadership Generation #3) brought together a number of other pastors and leaders (“many witnesses”) for our training. It has been encouraging and exciting to see these leaders (Leadership Generation #4) apply the training they received. We have had reports back of people coming to Christ, churches growing, and new churches being planted.


Two of the men (Ivan and Sam—Leadership Generation #4) that Pastors Elisha and Mbusa (Leadership Generation #3) invited to our training recently wrote (see below) to tell us of churches they have started as a result of the On-Expedition training. One of them refers to me as “Papa.” I wonder if it because of my white hair :-). Below is a photo with pastors Chris, Michael, Elisha, Mbusa, Ivan, and Sam pictured from our first training in Rukungiri.

Starting the process
Starting the process
Dear Papa,
Thank you so much, i received the money 300 dollars. I am going to use them towards church registration in Burundi which i believe it will be done by the end of this month.
I am ready to move on with the viro church planting movement and am ready to enter Burundi like a virus, ready to reach the country and beyond, its my prayer that soon you will be able to come to Burundi to witness what the lord will be doing, and off course i hope to start the training as soon as the Lord gives me a congregation and other church leaders that i will get in touch with.
God bless you and continue praying for us.
Ivan Ahimbisibwe
Dr. Linus,
Praise Jesus. I remember in 2013 you wrote in my diary that you started a church in Amsterdam. And it was attracting many people.
I moved with that courage and started a church in Ishaka on 28th June 2014. The church is now with a population of 250 members mostly University students.Blessings,
Sam Musigire
Senior Pastor
Ishaka community church

Our next training will be in the southern most state of Brazil: Rio Grande do Sul, where we are also seeing the emergence of four generations of leadership—this time Brazilian On-Expedition trainers. Thank you for your prayers and ministry partnership with us.

Because of His great grace and your prayers and generosity,

Linus and Sharon

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