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On our recent On-Expedition training in Uganda, I interviewed three of the Ugandan national leaders we have been training. One of my interviews was with Michael Daniel S. as we drove from the Eastern Ugandan city of Soroti to the capital city of Kampala, my last stop before returning home.

Michael Daniel S.
Pastor Michael

It was a fun (and funny) interview, as we were in a van with scenes of Uganda flashing behind us. Every once and a while we would hit a speed bump and the camera wound bounce up and down…actually it was Michael and I who were doing the bouncing.

It was also an encouraging interview, as Michael told how our training has benefited him, the church he pastors, and other churches he is helping train. Michael is now a lead trainer in Phases 1, 2, and 3 of our On-Expedition training. He recently used the outreach part of Phase 1 (“Romans as a Life and Mission Map”) to equip those attending his church, resulting in at least 60 people committing their lives to Christ.

Michael (along with other Ugandan now lead trainers) recently led Phase 1 and Phase 2 trainings with a group of pastors in Entebbe. He spoke of one young man who “got saved” and joined the church of the pastor who brought him to faith, and is now helping that church reach out even more. Michael said there are two more groups of pastors in Entebbe “demanding” the On-Expedition training.


Phil Graf, Doug Dorman and I head to southern Brazil April 15 to join Sammy Diab and the Brazilian team we are training to conduct trainings in three cities there.

Please pray as we equip leaders to multiply viral, missional, church plantings movements there too. Here is the announcement of our Phase 4 training in Bom Retiro do Sul.

Phase 4
Phase 4


Thanks for being “On Expedition” together with us for the King of kings and Lord of lords,

Linus and Sharon

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